Surname: Garcia

El Farol Masthead

Index to Articles found in the El Farol Newspaper 1905-1906

The Lincoln County New Mexico online archives contains pdf’s of all remaining copies of the El Farol Newspaper of Capitan NM, but doesn’t have an index to the newspaper. C. W. Barnum, an active member of AHGP, and state coordinator for the New Mexico AHGP recently invested his time and energy into providing an every person index to the various extant issues. He has shared this wonderful index with AccessGenealogy in hopes that it will reach a wider audience. Enjoy!

Mrs. Etta S. Jones

Indian Service Employees in World War 2

Twenty-one employees of the Indian Service gave their lives for the cause of freedom and justice, some of them in action against the enemy, some in training, some by accident, and some by illness. There will be more names to add to the list when the reckoning is completed.

Biography of Captain Joseph S. Garcia

Captain Joseph S. Garcia. -There is no man in Ontario who is better known or more respected than Captain Joseph S. Garcia. He is a California pioneer of the days of 1849, and has for the past twenty years been identified with the agricultural and horticultural interests of Cucamonga, Etiwanda and Ontario. No history of San Bernardino County would be complete without a more than passing mention of Captain Garcia. He was born on the island of Fayal in 1823. His parents were subjects of Portugal and natives of that island. His youth was spent in acquiring an education until