Surname: Fleury

A Group of Voyageurs

List of the Drummond Island Voyageurs

In 1828 the transfer of the British garrison from Drummond Island to Penetanguishene commenced. A list of voyageurs who resided on Drummond Island at the time of the transfer. In many cases a brief biographical sketch is contained which may provide clues to their ethnicity, family relationships, and the location where they or their ancestors settled.

Biography of Joseph Fleury

Joseph Fleury, the principal manufacturer in Aurora, and warden of the county of York, is a native of the same county, being born in the township of King, December 7, 1832. His father, Joseph Fleury, senior, a farmer of French descent, was also a native of Canada. His mother, who was Mary, Sipes, before her marriage, was likewise born in Canada. Joseph received an ordinary district school education; learned the blacksmith’s trade, and followed it about fifteen years, including a few years of the time that he was manufacturing plows, which business he commenced at Aurora, in 1859. The first