Surname: Englund

Biography of John Englund

John Englund practically grew up from early boyhood on a farm in Saline County, and instead of going to some distant city he took the opportunities which were right at his door and had become financially independent as well as a citizen of wide esteem in the locality which he had known and which had known him for upwards of half a century. Mr. Englund was born at Smolan, Sweden, May 5, 1858. That province sent many of its sturdy men and women to Saline County in the early days, and the Englund family did their full share in making

1894 Hinckley Minnesota Forest Fire

1894 Hinckley Minnesota Forest Fire Deaths

The exact origin of the fire is somewhat indefinite; the one that visited Hinckley must have started in the region south of Mission Creek. Around this little village much of the pine had been cut. There was in the hamlet twenty-six houses, a schoolhouse, a small sawmill a general store, hotel and blacksmith shop. At the time of the fire there were seventy-three people living in, and adjacent to, this village; a great number of the population were away from home, having gone to Dakota for the harvest. The people had been fighting local fires for a month. At noon,