Eastburn, Rachel McVey – Obituary

Rachel Eastburn, wife of the late Job H. Eastburn. Funeral services at her late residence, 7412 Michigan Avenue, Thursday, July 25, at 2 p.m. Interment at Mount Greenwood. [Rachel married Job in Keokuk Co., IA on November 5, 1857]. Chicago Tribune, July 24, 1918 Contributed by: Shelli Steedman

1923 Historical and Pictorial Directory of Angola Indiana

Luedders’ historical and pictorial city directory of Angola, Indiana for the year 1923, containing an historical compilation of items of local interest, a complete canvass of names in the city, which includes every member of the family, college students, families on rural lines, directory of officers of county, city, lodges, churches, societies, a directory of streets, and a classified business directory.

Eastburn, Job Haigh – Obituary

Job H. Eastburn at his residence, 7412 Michigan Ave., age 75 years. Funeral services from 7412 Michigan Ave. Tuesday at 2 p.m. Interment at Mount Greenwood Cemetery. [Son of Benjamin Eastburn and Elizabeth Haigh. Married Rachel McVey in Keokuk Co., IA on November 5, 1857] Chicago Tribune, September 2, 1912 Contributed by: Shelli Steedman

Indian Captivity Narratives

This collection contains entire narratives of Indian captivity; that is to say, we have provided the reader the originals without the slightest abridgement. Some of these captivities provide little in way of customs and manners, except to display examples of the clandestine warfare Native Americans used to accomplish their means. In almost every case, there was a tug of war going on between principle government powers, French, American, British, and Spanish, and these powers used the natural prowess of the Indians to assist them in causing warfare upon American and Canadian settlers. There were definitely thousands of captivities, likely tens of thousands, as the active period of these Indian captivity narratives covers 150 years. Unfortunately, few have ever been put under a pen by the original captive, and as such, we have little first-hand details on their captivity. These you will find here, are only those with which were written by the captive or narrated to another who could write for them; you shall find in a later collection, a database of known captives, by name, location, and dates, and a narrative about their captivity along with factual sources. But that is for another time.

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