Surname: Buchan

Biography of Frank E. Buchan

Frank E. Buchan, a resident farmer of Union Grove, was born in Dover Township, September 26, 1870, his parents being Edward and Mary (Renny) Buchan, both of whom were natives of Dover Township and representatives of old pioneer families of this part of the state. The paternal grandparents were Edward and Jane (Tillie) Buchan, both of whom were natives of Scotland. They came to Dover in 1838, driving across the country from New York with ox teams. Wisconsin was then still under territorial rule and practically little had been done in the way of settlement in southeastern Wisconsin. The grandfather

Biography of Warren Gainer Buchan

Prominent among the progressive citizens of Pulaski County was Mr. Warren Gainer Buchan. He was born February 21, 1877, at the old Buchan home in the Hartford District in Pulaski County, the son of John Beverly Allen Buchan and Mrs. Ann Maria Gainer Buchan. He was the second of thirteen children, and at a very early age assumed the responsibility of his own resources. Farming was his chosen vocation, and his success illustrated what could be made of the agricultural industry in Pulaski County. He became one of the largest landowners and taxpayers in the county, and held a place

Biography of John Buchan

The great-grandfather of the Buchans of Pulaski County was John Buchan, a Scotchman. He married Rachel McBride (Irish), and they were immigrants from Carolina in the early part of the eighteenth century. He was an extensive landholder in Pulaski and what is now Dodge, Bleckley, and Laurens Counties, and was Justice of the Peace in 1844 and tax collector in 1852-53. To this union seven children were born. Of these, David Augustus Buchan, a prominent farmer, cattle and slave owner, remained in Pulaski. He married Martha Simmons, and during the Confederate War served in Company J, Fifth Regiment, Georgia Reserves.

Biography of Jay G. Buchan

Jay G. Buchan. The natives and their descendants of Scotland, the land of hills and heather, have played important parts in the history of the United States, and it is something that justifies pride to be able to trace a direct Scotch ancestry. This good fortune belongs to Jay G. Buchan, one of Newcomb Township’s best known and most esteemed citizens. His father and grandfather were natives of Scotland, but his own birth took place in Champaign County, Illinois, March 12, 1877, being the fourth in a family of six children born to Rahymond and Margaret (Buchan) Buchan. The survivors