Surname: Brown

Biography of Hon. George Brown

George Brown, Senator, managing director of the Globe Printing and Publishing Company, and one of the most prominent and influential citizens of Canada, is a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he was born on the 29th of November, 1818. His father was Peter Brown, merchant, of Edinburgh, but later connected with the newspaper publishing business in New York and Toronto, and his mother was the only daughter of George Mackenzie, Esq., of Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. He was educated at the Edinburgh high school and afterwards spent a few years in London. In 1838 he accompanied his father to New

Biography of S. W. Brown

Stephen William Brown was born September 1, 1831. He married Martha Pope of Hayneville, Houston County, Georgia. To this union was born three sons: James Pope, Robert Duncan, and Stephen William, who died very young. James Pope Brown was born in Pulaski County at the plantation home, “Pine Avenue,” the son of Stephen William Brown and his wife, Martha Pope Brown. He was educated in the country schools of Pulaski, at Governor Northern’s Preparatory School and at Mercer University, where he graduated in 1873 with an A.B. degree. He was a Baptist, a Democrat, a Mason of Mount Hope Lodge,

Biographical Sketch of Eugene C. Brown, Dr.

Eugene Crawford, son of John Green and Cora Rutherford Brown, was born in Grovania, Houston County, Georgia, on October 23, 1878. He received his early education at Gordon Military Institute, Barnesville, Georgia, and entered the Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1897, from which college he was graduated in 1900 at the age of twenty-one. He pursued the study of medicine at the Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital in New York City, and located for the practice of medicine in Hawkinsville in 1902. On May 11, 1904, he married Louise Boyer, daughter of Mirabeau H. and Anna Vivian

Biography of J.G. Brown

J. G. Brown, son of Captain Benjamin Brown, was born April 16th, 1798, near Waterford, in Washington county, Ohio, and has lived in Athens county since he was one year old. His youth was passed in working on his father’s farm (in Ames township), and in assiduous study and preparation for college. In due time he became a student at the Ohio university, and graduated there in 1822. From 1824 to 1825, he was preceptor in the academical department of the university. In 1825 he began the publication of the Athens Mirror, the first paper printed in the county, and

Biography of Pearly Brown

Pearly Brown, oldest son of the preceding, was born in Massachusetts, July 24, 1798, and was four years old when brought to this county. In the year 1819 he married Eliza Hulbert (who is still living), and settled in Ames township, on a new farm, given him by his father. A hard-working and energetic man, he soon improved his circumstances, and laid the foundation for a competence. To afford some idea of the prices that prevailed when he was a young man, Mr. Brown states that he worked a week for Judge Currier, in Athens, in 1823, at 311 cents

Biography of John Brown

John Brown (nephew of Capt. Brown), born February 10, 1774, at Leicester, Massachusetts, married Miss Polly Green, of ,Spencer, Massachusetts, in 1797, and set out for the Ohio Company’s purchase in the autumn of 1801. He brought his young family and few effects over the mountains, with one horse, in a little wagon, and, when descending difficult places in the road, attached a small tree to the rear end of his wagon, to act as a break, or lock. When he reached Wheeling, on the Ohio river, after a most toilsome journey, he “swapped” his wagon for a canoe and

Biography of Capt. Benjamin Brown

Capt. Benjamin Brown, father of General John, and of Judge A. G. Brown, and one of the most prominent among the early settlers of Ames, was born October 17, 1745, at Leicester, Massachusetts. His grandfather, William Brown, came from England to America while a youth, was the first settler in the town of Hatfield, on the Connecticut river, and was often engaged in the Indian wars of that period. Capt. John Brown, father of Benjamin, served with credit in the colonial army during the French war, and represented the town of Leicester in the Massachusetts legislature during, and for many

Biography of John Brown

John Brown, well known in southern Ohio as General Brown,” son of Captain Benjamin Brown, one of the pioneers of Ames, was born in Rowe, Massachusetts, December 1, 1785. In 1787, his father’s family moved to Hartford, Washington county, New York, and in 1796, with several other families seeking homes in the west, came to the Forks of Yoh, on the Monongahela, three miles above Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Here they remained till February, 1797, building a boat during the winter, in which they completed their journey and arrived at Marietta, February 11, 1797. Of the twenty-three persons of various ages who

Biographical Sketch of N.M. Brown

N. M. Brown, of Brown & Donnell, Millers, was born in Dekalb County in 1856, the youngest son of six children of Isaiah and Rachel A. (Wood) Brown, both natives of Virginia. The father, of Dutch origin, was born in 1818 and died in 1885. He was the son of John Brown, a tanner. Isaiah was reared and married in his native State, and in 1854 removed to Dekalb County, Tenn., Where he worked at his trade as cooper. The mother, born in 1823, is still living with our subject and is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Our

Biography of Cassius H. Brown

It is very acceptable to have the privilege of giving in epitome the salient points of the career of the esteemed gentleman whose name is at the head of this article. Mr. Brown, familiarly known as Judge Brown is one of the pioneers of this County and has always been much interested in its welfare, prominent in politics, a leader in the advancement of the cause of education, a prominent citizen and property owner and a large hearted, genial, upright, capable, and talented American citizen. The birth of Cassius H. was on December 27, 1852, in a log cabin in