Surname: Bozeman

Biography of Cornelius Murphy Bozeman

Cornelius Murphy Bozeman, son of Judge Cornelius Murphy Bozeman, horn April 3, 1819, died May 23, 1881, and Elizabeth Farmer, horn February 3, 1882, died January 11, 1864. He was the grandson of Col. John Bozeman, born April 27, 1793, who married Elizabeth Murphy on April 23, 1818, who was born December 25, 1795, and died February 20, 1836. He was the great-grandson of Meady Bozeman, who died in 1809, and Chloe Nelson, who died October 11, 1821. Cornelius Murphy, our subject, was born January 7, 1843, and lived on the old Bozeman plantation until his death, April 22, 1905.

Biography of Henry Marshall Bozeman

Henry Marshall Bozeman was born in Houston County, Georgia, November 1, 1837. His father was Col. John Bozeman, born April 27, 1793, died in White Springs, Fla., November 10, 1848. Colonel Bozeman served in the Florida Indian War, was several times elected to the State Legislature from the Milledgeville District. On February 14, 1837, he married Rebecca Jewell Pratt, born April 23, 1808. She was highly cultured and a noted musician. Her father was Henry Pratt of Winchester, N. H. Her brother, Marshall, was one of the first musicians of the United States of his day. She was first cousin