Waldron Frazier, Sioux

South Dakota Indian Honored War Dead

The following Honored War Dead, are listed by Name, Tribe and Location of death. The name under the photograph is the person shown.  No additional information was provided in the book.

  • Guy L. Archambeau, Sioux (Yankton, USA
  • Daniel L. Quickbear, Sioux (Rosebud), Africa
  • Joseph Running Horse, Sioux (Rosebud), Peleliu
  • Raymond Lodge Skin, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Warren C. Bonnin, Sioux (Yankton), Guam
  • Floyd Bear Saves Life, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Philip G. Atkinson, Sioux (Rosebud), France
  • Ruben E. Redfeather, Sioux (Rosebud), France
  • Stanley C. Rogers, Sioux (Rosebud), Luzon
  • Ole J. Johnson, Sioux (Sisseton), Germany
  • James L. Janis, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Luxembourg
  • Waldron Frazier, Sioux (Cheyenne River), USA
  • Stanley Goodbird, Sioux (Sisseton), Africa
  • Joseph Supangi, Sioux (Sisseton), France
  • William Keoke, Sioux (Sisseton), Italy
  • Louis LaBelle, Sioux (Sisseton), France
  • Arthur F. Sanders, Sioux (Sisseton), France
  • Norman Redthunder, Sioux (Sisseton), Germany
  • Jacob Wood, Sioux (Sisseton), Europe
  • Alexander DuMarce, Sioux (Sisseton), Biak Island
  • Robert Lee White, Sioux (Sisseton), USA
  • Charles Under Baggage Jr., Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Elmer A. Feather, Sioux (Sisseton), Luzon
  • William Bird Horse, Sioux (Standing Rock), Europe
  • George D. LaPlant, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Levi Traversie, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Art Blue Arm, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Fred Colombe, Sioux (Rosebud), Luzon
  • Winfield Loves War, Sioux (Standing Rock), Europe
  • Joseph Hairychin, Sioux (Standing Rock), Pacific
  • Thomas Crow Necklace, Sioux (Standing Rock), France
  • William Flying Horse, Sioux (Standing Rock), Luzon
  • Vincent Village Center, Sioux (Standing Rock), Belgium
  • Aaron G. Bettelyoun, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Holland
  • Louis Raymond Cottier, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Leyte
  • Clement Crazy Thunder, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Iwo Jima
  • Matt Good Shield, Sioux (Pine Ridge), New Guinea
  • Jacob Herman Jr. , Sioux (Pine Ridge), Holland
  • James LaPointe Jr. , Sioux (Pine Ridge), Pacific
  • Francis Leon Killer, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Chester Maple, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Pacific
  • Leroy No Neck, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Holland
  • Norman Portwood, Sioux (Pine Ridge), English Channel
  • Earl J. Two Bulls, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Leyte
  • Thomas Waters, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Luzon
  • Chester Afraid of Bear, Sioux (Pine Ridge), USA
  • George Ladeau, Sioux (Pine Ridge), USA
  • Pierre Paul Lee, Sioux (Yankton), USA
  • Leonard Q. Smith, Sioux (Yankton), Pacific
  • Albert Chief Eagle, Sioux (Pine Ridge),USA
  • Silas Running Eagle, Sioux (Pine Ridge),USA
  • James L. DeMarsche, Sioux (Rosebud), Tarawa
  • Roy A. Brandon, Sioux (Rosebud), Guam
  • Earl J. Dion, Sioux (Rosebud), Africa
  • William J. Dion, Sioux (Rosebud), France
  • Lorenzo W. Collins, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Howard Brandon, Sioux (Rosebud), Iwo Jima
  • William Dempsey Austin, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Jesse Cuny, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Charles Swimmer, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Luzon
  • Joe Kitto, Chippewa, Belgium
  • Lester Red Boy, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Pacific
  • Vincent Fast Horse, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Pacific

Steward, Ulian H. Indians In The War, United States Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs. Chicago: Illinois. 1945.

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