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Kephart – Walker Family Bible

This is a family Bible owned by H. H. and Mary Kephart of Osceola, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. At some point in it’s providence passed into Annie R. Kephart’s hand and her marriage to Abram L. Walker. At some point it appears the Bible then passed into the hands of Nancy Alda Walker where children from her two marriages appear. The Shultzaberger line comes from the marriage of Nancy Alda Walker to George Levi Shultzaberger. The Wiedman line below comes from the marriage of Nancy Alda Walker to John Lee Wiedman.

In this Bible also is the baptismal certificate of Minnie May Walker, born in Osceola, Pa. on 22nd day of Feb. 1885. This certificate was issued by the Methodist Episcopal Church at Osceola, Pa. and signed by M. C. Piper, Pastor, may 14, 1891.


Mary ? Kephart was born Dec. 7, 1829
H. 1 H. Kephart was born Sept. 24th 1825
J. M. Kephart was born Feb. 21st 1848
David Kephart was born Sept. 12th 1858
Willis Kephart was born July 24th 1853
Susie Kephart was born Sept. 12th 1856
Essington E. Kephart was born Nov. 13th 1859
Francis Kephart was born Jan. 13th 1861
Annie R. Kephart was born Dec. 7th 1864
Catharine Kephart was born Dec. 25th 1866
Emma M. Kephart was born Aug. 23rd 1868
Ellie M. Kephart was born Oct. 13th 1870

Abram L. Walker born March 20th year 1862
Annie R. Walker born Dec. 7th year 1864
David A. Walker born Jan. 21st year 1883
Minnie M. Walker born Feb. 22nd year 1885
Raymond H. Walker born July 10th year 1893
Nancy Alda Walker born Sept. 12th year 1896

Leona Louise Shultzaberger born Sept. 13th 1917
Claton R. Wiedman born Oct. 3 1923
Buddie Lee Wiedman Sept. 12 1925


Thomas C. Kephart was born Sept. 20, 1855, died Sept 23th 2 1855

Priscilla N. Kephart was born Dec. 15, 1858, died April 23th 2 1862.

Mary H. Kephart died August 19th 1892
H. H. Kephart died June 27 1898
Susan Kelly 3 died 4
David A. Walker died March 17th year 1883
Minnie M. Walker died May 1891
Raymond H. Walker died April 1894
Annie R. Walker died May 22nd 1898

Essington Kephart died March 8th 1909

George Shultzaburger died 18th Feb 1918
Leona luise Shultzaburger died 27th August 1918
Abraham Walker died 29th March 1931

[box]Source: From the Bible of Annie R. Walker, now in the possession of Blanche Hegarty, Harlington, TX.[/box]

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  1. Henry[]
  2. shown as printed in record[][]
  3. Probably the daughter of Henry and Mary named Susan. This record would indicate that she went on to marry a Kelly.[]
  4. Bible record did not indicate date[]

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