Southern Battalion of Washington

The southern battalion consisted of the Washington Mounted Rifles, Capt. H. J. G. Maxon, Company D, Capt. Achilles, who was succeeded by Lieut Powell, and two Oregon companies, one Company, K, under Francis M. P. Goff, of Marion County, and another, Company J, under Bluford Miller of Polk County. Oregon Statesman, March 11 and May 20, 1856.

For convenience of reference, they are named here:
Company A, organized and commanded by Lieut-Col Edward Lander
Walla Walla County, organized out of friendly Chehalis and Cowlitz Indians by Sidney S. Ford, Capt.

Clarke County Rangers, organized by Capt. William Kelly

Company E, Capt. C. W. Riley, succeeded by Lieut J. Q. Cole

Company H, Capt. R. V. Peabody

Company L, Capt. E. D. Warbass

Company N, Capt. Richards, succeeded by Capt. Williams

Company M, consisting of 10 white men and 43 Nez Perces, Henri M. Chase, Capt.

a company of Squaxon scouts under Lieut. Gosnell

a company of Cowlitz Indians under Pierre Charles.

Lieut-Col Lander was retained on the governor’s staff, and
Jared S. Hurd, E. C. Fitzhugh, and H. R. Crosbie aids, with the rank of Lieut-Col, in addition to the appointments made in Dec., of Craig and Doty. Edward Gibson was appointed extra aid.

B. F. Shaw was elected Lieut-Col of the 2d regiment in April.

W. W. Miller still held the office of quartermaster and commissary-general at Olympia.

Warren Grove was appointed quartermaster and commissary at Steilacoom

F. Mathias at Seattle

A. H. Robie at The Dalles

Charles E. Weed at Olympia

R. M. Hathaway at Vancouver

R. S. Robinson for the northern battalion, at Port Townsend

C. C. Pagett in Lewis County.

Commanding officers chose their own adjutants.

Tilton remained adjutant-general,

C. H. Armstrong regimental quartermaster and commissary with the right wing of the 2d regiment in the field; and Lieut-Col Third supt of all business on the Columbia.

W. W. De Lacy was appointed adjutant of the southern battalion

Humphrey Hill of the northern

B. E. Ruth of the central battalion

G. K. Willard was surgeon and purveyor of medicine and medical stores at headquarters

M. P. Burns surgeon of central battalion

D. R. Bigelow of northern battalion

Other surgeons were Justin Millard, Albert Eggers, and U. G. Warbass

Indian Wars,

Bancroft, Hubert H. Bancroft Works, Volume 31, History Of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, 1845-1889. San Francisco: The History Company. 1890.

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