Granite Cemetery, Granite County Oregon

Granite, Oregon Cemetery
Information from Headstones March 28, 1994

Barker, Roy E. b. Feb. 5, 1921 d. Mar. 25, 1988. SC3 US Navy World War II.

Castle, Elizabeth Born Feb. 3, 1879 Died Nov. 12, 1902 In my father’s housr are many mansions (Castle)

Infant Son of H. W. and Elizabeth Castle Born and Died Aug. 5, 1902.

Clark, Odessa born 1886. died 1911.

Dickison, George 1890-1890 Brother to Milton Dickison.

Dickison, Milton 1892-1892 Brother to George Dickison.

Dickison, Mary E. 1855-1885. Mother to Flora A. Dickison.

Dickison, Flora A. 1880-1881 Daughter to Mary E. Dickison.

Ford, Wilfred L. (“Lawry” Born June 12, 1887 Died June 14, 1914 Son of L. N. & A. J. Ford.

Ford, Adelia J. Born Aug. 11, 1856, Died Feb. 22, 1920 Wife of L. N. Ford.

Ford, Laurence N. Born aug. 12, 1855, Died March 4, 1931.

Garrison, Milton P. born Mar. 21, 1848, Died Jan. 17, 1890, Also Ethel & Herbert Children of M. P. & F. A. Garrison

Greene, Marion E. Born Mar. 12, 1900 Died May 4, 1906. Daughter of J. M. & M. H. Greene At Rest.

Gutridge, Joseph E. Born Jan. 5, 1884. Died May 4, 1902. Gutridge

Gutridge, Lewis M. Born July 31, 1861 Died April 21, 1897 L.M.C. “Dearest loved one we have laid thee, In the Peaceful graves embrace, But thy memory will be cherished, Till we see thy heavenly face.”

Lippert, Verginia Lee born May 2, 1921, died Jan. 10, 1980 Resting in Peace.

Miles, James Lucian born Oct. 23, 1932, died Mar. 11, 1989 TSGT US Air Force Korea.

Morrow, Edward A. “Bud” born Aug. 26, 1928, died Mar. 5, 1982 So Long ringo

Peabody, Ruth H. born Dec. 28, 1916 died Jan. 31, 1991 Married to Thorold Peabody on July 25, 1933.

Peabody, Thorold born Sep 24, 1912 Married to Ruth H. Peabody on July 25, 1933.

Quimby, Thomas Jefferson 1840-1900 Granite, Oregon.

Stapleton, William L. Born May 8, 1872, died Jan. 7, 1903 Stapleton.

Tabor, Mary U. 1838-1903.

Tabor, A. G. Born Dec. 15, 1829 Died July 4, 1894. He has crossed the river and is at rest A.G.T.

Tabor, Alice C. 1900-1910.

Thornburg, Betty Maud Born Mar. 14, 1876. Died Sept. 15, 1899. Beloved Wife of Elmer E. Thornburg. “She’d not for her the bitter tear, Nor give the heart to vain regret: Tis but the casket that lies here, The gem that filled it sparkles yet.”

Thornburg, Elmer Earle Born Oct. 31, 1895, Died Aug. 13, 1903. Aged 7yrs, 9mos, 13 days, Son of E. E. & Maude Thornburg. Go to thy rest, fair child. go to they dreamless bed. While yet so gentle undefiled. With blessings on thy head.

Thornburg, Grant 1864-1910

Thornburg, Mary M. 1865-1943

Thornburg, Loren Grant Born Jan. 31, 1899, died Oct. 14, 1899. Son of Mary M. & Grant Thornburg. “This lovely bud, so young, so fair Called hence by early doom. Just came to show how sweet a flower In paradise would bloom.”

Watts, Jow 1842-1915 “Uncle”

Young, Jesse A. Born 1872, died 1898 In Memmory of by P.H.C. No. 31 J.A.Y. “No pain, nor grief, nor anxious fear, Invades thy bounds, no mortal woes, Can reach the peaceful sleeper here, While angels watch the soft repose.”

Our thanks to the Baker Family History Center for allowing us to use their copies of these cemetery records.

Grant County OR,

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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