Biography of William M. Chandler

WM. M. CHANDLER. – It is a lamentable fact that quite a large percentage of the young men born in Oregon within the last thirty years have not taken advantage of the opportunities by which their early life has been surrounded. The defects of education or character have made them idlers, or have caused them to waste in dissipation or distraction the time which might have been employed in fitting themselves for our great future. Mr. Chandler, of whom we present a portrait in this history, is not one of these. He belongs to that other class which is not small, of Oregonians born, who have not despised their birthright. Polk county was the place of his nativity, and the time 1858. Here he spent his life until he was nineteen, working hard and gaining what education he could from the public schools. At that age he went forth into the world for himself. He sought a place in the Walla Walla country, and found work there on a farm, and also in teaching school. He was naturally a studious and thoughtful man; and what he thus imbibed afforded him more mental pabulum and stimulus than it might have done for others. Working with his hands four years longer, he found his way to Sprague in 1882, entering into the land and insurance business with W.M. Baxtell, In the fall of the same year his partner retired, leaving him with the whole management. He has been successful.

In April, 1888, he purchased the Sprague Sentinel; and in the June following he became the owner of the Sprague Journal, consolidating the two papers as the Sprague Mail, which has since been under his management and editorial charge.

In public affairs also he has taken a hand, having by his individual efforts secured the organization of a school district in Sprague, in 1884, acting as clerk of the district until April 1885. He was first treasurer of the city, and served also a second term. He acted as agent for Wells, Fargo & Co’s express from August, 1883 to July, 1886, when it withdrew from the Northern Pacific line. He was elected probate judge of Lincoln county in 1886, and served until March 4, 1889. He is a member of the board of trade.

His wife, to whom he was married in 1883, is a daughter of a pioneer merchant of Sprague, Edwin Dane. She is a lady well calculated to be his companion in the earnest business of outside life, and in the substantial treasures of home. They have two children, a daughter and a son.



History of the Pacific Northwest Oregon and Washington. 2 v. Portland, Oregon: North Pacific History Company. 1889.

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