Biography of Hon. Theron E. Fell

HON. THERON E. FELL. – Mr. Fell has become especially known in Oregon as a representative to the state legislature from Morrow county. The manner of his election shows his popularity among his neighbors and the people of his own region.

He was the grandson of an abolishionist Quaker, and the son of an original Republican, and himself has been true to the family record. Having received the regular nomination by the Republican party, his rival “bolted” and accepted an independent nomination. The Democrats seeing this rupture did not fail to improve the opportunity, and presented an excellent ticket. The result, however, showed a plurality of fifty-seven for the man whose portrait adorns our pages.

Mr. Fell has been prominently identified with the sheep-growing interests of Eastern Oregon since 1882. In 1886 he became a member of the firm of Ayers & Fell. They are engaged in the commission business, dealing chiefly in wool in at Arlington and elsewhere along the line of the Oregon Railway & Navigation Company. His home, however, being at Heppner, forty miles from the railroad, he employed the method of Mahomet. He did not go to the railroad, but brought the railroad to himself. It was largely due to his activity that the branch line was extended from the Willows to Heppner.

The subject of our sketch was born at Bloomington, Illinois, in 1858. Charles and Lemanda Fell were his parents. His grandfather, Joshua Fell, was a pioneer of the West. Theron was educated at the Illinois Wesleyan University, and as a chemist in the Technical schools of Philadelphia. Soon afterwards he became established in a successful drug business in his native place. But in the year 1882, desiring to visit the Pacific coast, he organized a company of one hundred tourists to come hither. Upon reaching Portland, he was struck forcibly with the immense opportunities of this state. Disposing of his tourists, some of whom had invested in Portland real estate, he proceeded to make Oregon his home, locating on a ranch in Morrow county. And thus it came to pass that this state now has him as one of her most wide-awake citizens.

Mr. Fell is now manager of the Morrow County Land & Trust Company, and director of the Heppner National Bank.

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