Biographical Sketch of James A. A. Wilson

JAMES A.A. WILSON. – Mr. Wilson is one of our characteristic Oregonians of the early times, whose career the pen would willingly linger upon. He was born in Carrol county, Mississippi, in 1841, and in 1853 with his father crossed the plains to California. Remaining as an assistant in that state until 1858, he made a visit in that year to the northern coast, stopping off at Victoria; and, after an inspection of various points, he made a residence near McMinnville, where in 1859 he was married to Miss Susannah Owens. He continued here in farming and stock-raising until 1863, in the meantime driving one band of cattle to California, on one occasion being hemmed in by Pitt river Indians for seven days and nights, during which he did his sleeping on horseback.

In 1863 he removed to the Grande Ronde valley with cattle, packing and driving stock to Idaho until 1870. Having located a place in The Cove, Oregon, he began in the latter year a regular course of farming and stock-raising, which he pursues to the present time, meeting with large success. There at The Cove is his home; and his cattle and sheep dot the ranges. He has brought up a family of nine children. His three eldest sons are prominent land and stock owners in the valley, one of whom B.G. Wilson, was clerk of Union county two years.



History of the Pacific Northwest Oregon and Washington. 2 v. Portland, Oregon: North Pacific History Company. 1889.

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