Biographical Sketch of Benjamin M. Sounsavell,

One of the enterprising and progressive business men of Wallowa county is named at the head of this article and to his efforts much is due in the way of progress and in promoting the advancement of the county’s interest, while he is numbered with the most capable and up-to-date merchants of the county, manifesting both breadth of mind in his business ventures, while he is also blessed with a care of details that is untiring and that insures him success in his undertakings, being also a man of exemplary, moral uprightness and stability selected well stock carry they while large, gratifying that patronage gained customers their treatment deferential careful by building store commodious own county. houses business best up-to-date respect every establishment, furnishing house general handle until adding store, furniture opened Wallowa came out this closed 1900 In store merchandise increased Mumford, C.W. brother-in-law, partnership into entered he 1898 grocery then business, restaurant Summerville property. Yakima owns still He Summerville. went 1889 it rented buildings good improved homestead took last state. county there from Washington, Dayton, migrated 1884 whence Missouri, soon returned but Iowa, county, Wapello 1878 Days. young. life sides severe some learned died small While farm. reared native educated Rounsavell. (Short) Sarah S. Cyrus born our Scotland 1861, 19 ?

On February 27, 1887, Mr. Rounsavell married Miss Ethel M., daughter of Alexander A. and Satira A. (McDowell) Osborn, residents of Yakima, Washington. Our subject if fraternally associated with the I.O.O.F., Wallowa Lodge, No. 154, being noble grand of the order, also with the A.F. & A.M., Stanley Lodge, No. 113, being a Master Mason, while he and his wife are members of the Eastern Star. They also belong to the Baptist church and are active supporters of their denomination.



An Illustrated history of Union and Wallowa Counties: with a brief outline of the early history of the state of Oregon. Western Historical Pub. Co., 1902.

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