Ohio Indian Tribes

The following tribes at one time are recorded in history as having resided within the present state of Ohio. If the tribe name is in bold, then Ohio is the primary location known for this tribe, otherwise we provide the tribes specifics as it pertains to Ohio and provide a link to the main tribal page if available.

  • Chippewa Indians
    Representatives of this tribe appear as parties to the Treaty of Greenville, 1795, and to treaties concluded in 1807 and 1817 by which lands in this State were relinquished to the Whites. (See Minnesota.)
  • Delaware Indians
    The Delaware lived in Ohio for a considerable period in the course of their migration west under White pressure (See New Jersey.)
  • Erie Indians
  • Honniasont Indians.
    This tribe occupied parts of the eastern fringe of Ohio after it had been incorporated into the Iroquois and perhaps before. (See Pennsylvania.)
  • Illinois Indians
    Representatives of the Illinois were parties to the Treaty of Greenville by which lands of the State of Ohio were relinquished to the Whites. (See Illinois.)
  • Iroquois Indians
    After the destruction or dispersal of the Erie and other native tribes of Ohio, many Iroquois settlements were made in the State, particularly by the westernmost tribe, the Seneca. Some of these so-called Iroquois villages were no doubt occupied by people of formerly independent nations. (See New York.)
  • Kickapoo Indians
    Representatives of this tribe were parties to the Treaty of Greenville by which Ohio lands were relinquished to the Whites. (See Wisconsin.)
  • Miami Indians
    After the original tribes of Ohio had been cleared away, some Miami worked their way into the State, particularly into the western and northern parts, and they gave their name to three Ohio rivers, the Miami, Little Miami, and Maumee. (See Indiana.)
  • Mosopelea Indians
  • Neutrals Indians
    The Neutral Nation may have occupied a little territory in the extreme northwest of Ohio. (See New York.)
  • Ofo Indians, see Mosopelea Indians.
  • Ottawa Indians
    In the eighteenth century, Ottawa worked into the northern part of Ohio and established settlements along the shore of Lake Erie. (See Michigan.)
  • Potawatomi Indians
    Representatives of this tribe were parties to the Treaty of Greenville in 1795 and to treaties made in 1805, 1807, and 1817 by which lands in this State were relinquished to the Whites. (See Michigan.)
  • Seneca Indians, see Iroquois Indians, under New York.
  • Shawnee Indians
    It is probable that some Shawnee were in Ohio at very early periods. After they had been driven from the Cumberland Valley by the Chickasaw and Cherokee shortly after 1714, they worked their way north into this State and, as they were joined by the former eastern and southern bands, Ohio became the Shawnee center for a considerable period, until after the Treaty of Greenville. (See Tennessee.)
  • Wyandot Indians


Swanton, John R. The Indian Tribes of North America. Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 145. Washington DC: US Government Printing Office. 1953.

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