Unknown Cemetery, Stokes, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

This cemetery is located in Stokes. It can be seen from behind St John Missionary Baptist Church. It is not part of the Church property. It is on private land It has an American flag flying in the cemetery.

NameBirthDeathCommentsCounty & State
Henry D GurganusJuly 18, 1880January 30, 1935Pitt County, NC
Sarah Perkins GurganusAugust 28, 1896August 27, 1976Wife of Henry D GurganusPitt County, NC
W H GurganusMay 11, 1915March 30, 1953Pitt County, NC
Grace P ParkerAugust 26, 1896November 10, 1966Wife of Robert E ParkerPitt County, NC
Robert E ParkerApril 5, 1886July 1, 1963Pitt County, NC
Rufus Tyree StokesApril 26, 1919August 14, 1962Pitt County, NC
Grace ParkerNovember 7, 1921no date as of 4-1-02Wife of Rufus Tyree StokesPitt County, NC
L T PerkinsJanuary 18, 1854February 22, 1919Pitt County, NC
Robert L PerkinsJuly 30, 1897Age 6 monthsPitt County, NC
Harry S Perkins1903Age 5 monthsPitt County, NC
Julius PerkinsJune 28, 1905Age 4 monthsPitt County, NC
Nina MSeptember 22, 19087 WeeksPitt County, NC
Lydia A WhitehurstMarch 3, 1870May 8, 1941Wife of L T PerkinsPitt County, NC
Infant DaughterDecember 8, 1927Daughter of TL & Nina PerkinsPitt County, NC

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