Unknown Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

This cemetery is 1.5 miles from Bethel Hwy 11 N over the overpass look left in middle of field. Path to the left.

Name Birth Death Comments County & State
Mattie L Whichard August 8, 1884 October 4, 1936 Dau of J M & Bettie Whichard Edgecombe Cty, NC
Charles S Whichard June 4, 1881 October 9, 1920 Edgecombe Cty, NC
Betty Mayo 1849 1923 Wife of J. M. Whichard Edgecombe Cty, NC
John Maynard Whichard May 26, 1853 February 23, 1916 Edgecombe Cty, NC
Jas E Nelson December 28, 1869 September 4, 1875 Edgecombe Cty, NC
Staton Whichard September 26, 1813 August 16, 1884 Edgecombe Cty, NC
Lizzina Staton Whichard April 5, 1816 June 17, 1900 Wife of Staton Whichard Edgecombe Cty, NC
Eddie F October 23, 1882 September 6, 1889 Son of John M & Bettie Whichard Edgecombe Cty, NC
Lillian April 11, 1886 June 18, 1887 Dau of J M & Bettie Whichard Edgecombe Cty, NC
Walter E September 25, 1887 January 3, 1891 Son of Thos G & Martha J Grimes Edgecombe Cty, NC
1813 September 17, 1884 To the memory of our Aunt Martha Moore Edgecombe Cty, NC
Quincy (?) Whichard June 11, 1812 ?? 20, 1889 This grave stone was difficult to read. Edgecombe Cty, NC

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Pitt County NC,

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