Unknown Cemetery, Conotoe, Edgecombe County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

This is an African American Cemetery located at Conetoe. From Bethel on Hwy 64 W turn right on hwy 42 on left. Lots of sunken graves

NameBirthDeathCommentsCounty & State
Lossie A CarneyJune 3, 1915June 8, 1987Edgecombe Cty, NC
Lester Andrews, SrOctober 25, 1917January 6, 1989Edgecombe Cty, NC
Elizabeth AndrewsJuly 4, 1921February 15, 1994Edgecombe Cty, NC
Willie Frank AndrewsMarch 19, 1939July 30, 1998Edgecombe Cty, NC
Ransom Thigpen10/21/1898September 4, 1972Edgecombe Cty, NC
Hannah ThigpenMarch 10, 1909Wife of Ransom ThigpenEdgecombe Cty, NC
Willie Hopkins JrBorn 1952Died 1975Edgecombe Cty, NC
Clarence StewardAugust 22, 1967Came unknown, left unknown, but lovedEdgecombe Cty, NC
Louvenia T JonesDecember 14, 1922January 12, 1995Edgecombe Cty, NC
Ernest ThigpenDecember 11, 1921January 4, 1990Edgecombe Cty, NC
Lossie L MayoApril 11, 1920January 12, 1995Edgecombe Cty, NC
Moses Jones, JrDecember 17, 1926April 17, 1969NC S2 US NR WW IIEdgecombe Cty, NC
Sadie AndrewsAugust 16, 1904September 2, 1973Edgecombe Cty, NC
Pearlie P Harris9/24/1898July 1, 1990Edgecombe Cty, NC
James E PettewayFebruary 7, 1954January 6, 1990Edgecombe Cty, NC
Sears Highsmith, JrJanuary 25, 1927April 13, 1968NC Pvt US Army KoreaEdgecombe Cty, NC
Eleanor M DancyMay 8, 1947September 4, 1976Edgecombe Cty, NC
JT AndrewsOctober 28, 1949November 18, 1977Edgecombe Cty, NC
James L AndrewsMarch 26, 1944June 8, 1986Edgecombe Cty, NC
Forrest Andrews, SrJune 3, 1911Edgecombe Cty, NC
Emma J AndrewsDecember 2, 1915December 12, 1994Edgecombe Cty, NC

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