Unknown Cemetery, Bethel, Pitt County,

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

Located on Hwy 64 East 1/2 mile before you get to Bethel. Located on the right

Name Birth Death Comments County & State
Rev JD Bryan 2/8/1847 November 19, 1923 Pitt County, NC
Mary A 12/10/1845 October 1, 1908 Wife of JD Bryan (t) added later Pitt County, NC
Nancy E Worsley 11/16/1850 October 16, 1925 Wife of Newsom Worsley Pitt County, NC
Newsom Worsley 10/4/1848 March 2, 1938 Pitt County, NC
Sallie M 10/17/1869 December 13, 1932 Wife of TB Bryan (t) added later Pitt County, NC
Jas H Bryan (t) added later 3/12/1843 November 16, 1919 Pitt County, NC
Margarett 11/29/1840 12/12/1884 Wife of JLG Manning Pitt County, NC
JLG Manning 11/9/1846 December 21, 1921 Pitt County, NC
Margaret A Taylor 6/28/1846 February 18, 1922 Wife of JLG Manning Pitt County, NC
John Purle 10/23/1873 September 5, 1901 Son of JLG & Margaret A Taylor Manning Pitt County, NC
John T 3/21/1879 9/29/1880 Son of JD & MA Bryan Pitt County, NC
EM Turner 3/18/1829 March 14, 1900 Pitt County, NC
Martha A Turner 10/23/1835 August 17, 1918 Wife of EM Turner Pitt County, NC
Pricilla Wife of James E Stone broken Pitt County, NC
H James 11/7/1876 February 11, 1909 Stone broken at name Pitt County, NC

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