Speight James Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

This is the Speight James Cemetery located about 5 miles on the Big Oak Road on the left coming from Bethel, NC

Name Birth Death Comments County & State
Malena Speight 7-7-1874 July 3, 1935 Wife of WP Speight Pitt County, NC
W P Speight 8-24-1876 December 17, 1954 Pitt County, NC
Cullen Speight March 11, 1901 October 10, 1929 Pitt County, NC
Lemmie James Speight 11-16-1872 March 19, 1960 Pitt County, NC
Crittenden R Speight 4-3-1858 July 31, 1921 Pitt County, NC
B W James 10-14-1861 May 3, 1951 Pitt County, NC
Rillie 8-12-1861 July 25, 1931 Wife of BW James Pitt County, NC
Wilkie James 5-25-1893 June 19, 1906 Daughter of Rillie & BW James Pitt County, NC
Annie 4-23-1835 June 23, 1914 Wife of Cornelius James Pitt County, NC
CJ Foot Stone Pitt County, NC
Annie 6-12-1796 2-20-1878 Wife of Howell Whitehead Pitt County, NC
Gaberila Britton 1-31-1841 6-14-1865 Pitt County, NC
Elizabeth Pilgreen 0-0-1816 3-26-1889 Pitt County, NC
No name Large bricked over grave Pitt County, NC
Broken stone Pitt County, NC
Nancy 10-19-1811 11-18-1891 Wife of Lemuel Britton Pitt County, NC

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Pitt County NC,

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