Sheppard Mill Road Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

This cemetery is located on Sheppard Mill Road

Name Birth Death Comments County & State
Ethel C January 2, 1903 March 10, 1923 Wife of J Henry Taylor Pitt County, NC
Francis January 31, 1921 March 17, 1923 Dau of WO & Esteelle James Pitt County, NC
Vera Mae January 6, 1921 August 10, 1921 Dau of ZL & Delzora James Pitt County, NC
Roy A August 26, 1902 August 16, 1915 Son of AL & Louisa C James Pitt County, NC
Louisa C James Februrary 17, 1877 April 14, 1947 Wife of Alonza L James Pitt County, NC
Alonza L James May 25, 1866 October 23, 1940 Pitt County, NC
Henry James May 3, 1885 October 28, 1897 Pitt County, NC
Wyatt James August 10, 1843 January 3, 1904 Pitt County, NC
Sophia November 6, 1846 December 21, 1922 Wife of Wyatt James Pitt County, NC
Bessie August 1, 1887 March 12, 1917 Wife of J S James Pitt County, NC
Infant Infant of Bessie & JS James Pitt County, NC
Infant Infant of Bessie & JS James Pitt County, NC
Bessie Mae Marker broken Dau of JJ & Emma Taylor Pitt County, NC
Corrine Hyacinth May 15, 1916 July 29, 1916 Dau of WL & NM James Pitt County, NC
Sophia Corina August 31, 1913 September 10, 1913 Dau of WL & NM James Pitt County, NC

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Pitt County NC,

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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