Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Martin County, North Carolina

This cemetery is located in Martin County, North Carolina on Road 903 N. Turn Left at the first stoplight in Robersonville heading north on 64. Go past Gold Point, Cemetery on right. Will see a Primtive Baptist Church just across the road from the cemetery. Information gotten on March 27, 28, 2003.

NameBirthDeathCommentsMartin County, NC
Anderson Stegall, Jr1.21.19251.14.1992PFC US Army WWII
Lula Marie4.14.19206.2.1988Wife of Anderson Stegall, Jr
Nicodemus Roebuck10.13.190112.6.1951
George R ‘Rod’ Roebuck19371985
Henry J Smith4.24.18547.16.1925Father
Mary V6.25.18597.12.1942Mother Wife of Henry J Smith
Leo J Smith6.6.18959.29.1918Son of Henry J & Mary Smith PVT Co K 120 Inf WW I
Effie C9.12.190012.26.1964Mother Wife of George R Silverthorne
George R Silverthorne3.31.18842.12.1959Father
Ella7.1.18845.20.1918Wife of George R Silverthorne
Birley5.6.19187.30.1918Dau of Ella & GR Silverthorne
Ellis10.18.19144.14.1915Son of Ella & GR Silverthorne
Robert9.7.19098.19.1913Son of Ella & GR Silverthorne
Mattie LA Roebuck3.8.18762.11.1882
L A Roebuck5.24.18507.27.1888
Martha A Roebuck8.26.183212.27.1888
George L Roebuck6.26.182511.13.1899
William Arthur Roebuck2.12.18702.12.1920
Dora10.13.18712.29.1909Wife of William A Roebuck
Thorman11.13.18978.16.1908Son of William A & Dora Roebuck
Henry Leamon Roebuck2.27.190311.21.1971Son of William A & Dora Roebuck
Ercle Raynor9.30.19086.26.1950Wife of Henry Leamon Roebuck
Elinzia Roebuck10.22.18681.6.1916Wife of GRL Roebuck
GRL Roebuck8.31.185212.3.1912
Ella10.15.185912.31.1890Wife of GRL Roebuck
Marcus Roebuck2.8.18899.23.1893Son of Ella & GRL Roebuck
Sadie Robbins Grimes11.18.186912.13.1937Wife of WT Grmes
WT Grimes18541927
Pattie Barnhill18601899Wife of WT Grimes
Earnest Erzelle5.29.18862.8.1908Son of Mollie L & Peter R Rives
Mollie L1.27.18558.1.1914Wife if Peter R Rives
Peter R Rives1.17.18471.25.1932
Della Ann7.11.18916.25.1892Dau of Mollie L & Peter R Rives
Dallas Russell1.18.18936.30.1893Son of Mollie L & Peter R Rives
Harry Halstead4.8.18958.27.1895Son of Mollie L & Peter R Rives
Johnnie S Ross18591926Wife of James L Ross
James L Ross5.27.18542.12.1914
William E Ross10.31.19165.26.1990
Leumas A Hinson7.25.188512.25.1909
George S Hinson3.20.18527.18.1934
Mary Nicholson11.2.18383.16.1905
Fannie Stewart12.6.18639.6.1938Dau of FS & Mary Bazemore
Mamie M Osborne2.14.18925.5.1972
Ersie L2.20.18999.24.1910Dau of GW & NL Moore
Nanie L5.27.18731.29.1924Wife of George W Moore
George W Moore12.25.18698.2.1925
Velma19101931Small Stone
George H1.28.19397.30.1939Son of Mr & Mrs VT Moore
Enoch M4.16.19038.17.1904Son of Walter & Lula White
Infantnodates Infant of Walter & Lula White
Moses18941925Son of Walter & Lula White 1
Infantno dates Infant of Walter & Mamie White
Infantno dates Infant of Walter & Mamie White
Baby1926These two babies were on same stone
Lula11.30.188112.30.1904Wife of Walter White
Eric Jarvis10.23.19012.11.1924Son of Walter & Lula White
Walter White3.18.18727.21.1934
Mamie8.30.18908.1.1921Wife of Walter White
Hattie L9.6.19096.8.1911Dau of Walter & Mamie White
InfantInfant of Walter & Mamie White
Redden Knox5.17.18585.10.1905Father
Octavia3.19.18613.26.1920Mother Wife of Redden Knox
Coy Knox12.13.188610.27.1907
W H Pierce3.6.187310.16.1932
Martha Elizabeth Harris9.28.1993Info on Laminate Obit on Cross
William Joseph Pierce7.20.19123.15.1994Info on Laminate Obit on Cross
Dorcas Lassiter12.15.186910.15.1949
Della Bennett7.9.185610.31.1941Wife of George P Anderson
Leona J12.17.19294.21.1992Wife of David C Pierce
David C Pierce11.5.192412.4.1996
Nora Taylor Knox8.10.18855.27.1965Wife of George D Grimes
Pollie Elizabeth2.24.19118.25.1912Dau of George D & Nora Grimes
George D Grimes3.4.188310.17.1937
Cyrus Duerhand12.13.19102.13.1932Son of Mr & Mrs John L Pierce
Margurette Aretia2.12.192010.5.1928Dau of Mr & Mrs John L Pierce
Bertie R11.30.18898.14.1925Wife of William Leggett, Sr
William S Leggett, Sr1.9.18906.11.1971Husband & 2 Wives on Same Marker
Eva R3.2.18951.11.1981Wife of William Leggett, Sr
Baby GirlNov-30Dau of William S & Eva R Leggett
Alta Mollissa11.18.1926Dau of William S & Eva R Leggett
Mary E10.21.19141.20.1915Dau of WS & BZ Leggett
William Earle6.19.19112.21.1912Son of WS & Bertie Leggett
James C Coburn9.24.18623.4.1938
Elizabeth10.25.187512.8.1942Wife of James C Coburn
Mollie7.17.18723.2.1918Wife of W S White
Ruby Kathryn White3.19.19438.15.1943
Charlotte Taylor10.12.184910.10.1925
Mollie Ann18541929Wife of Joshua Henry Taylor
Joshua Henry Taylor18521920
Thomas H Coffield6.11.1913Age 72 years
Sarah Ann2.15.18455.25.1928Wife of Thomas H Coffield
Joseph H Coffield18731947On a small Stone
Sarah J8.2.18444.12.1916Wife of Elder George D Roberson
Elder George D Roberson11.13.18436.10.1911
Margaret L9.28.18478.29.1887Wife of Elder George D Roberson
Henry A4.30.18737.27.1894Son of Elder George D & Margaret Roberson
JB Everett2.3.18285.31.1896
Mary2.14.18293.13.1915Wife of JB Everett 86 yrs 27 days
Eleanor7.17.1889Dau of JB & Mary Everett 1 month 16 days
Margaret S5.7.18836.11.1912Wife of DH Whitfield Dau of AW & RosaSalisbury
Sam B Horton5.5.184012.17.1885In Memory of
Alice Vivian1.31.189411.18.1913Wife of AS Edmondson
Clifton LAge 4 months Son of Alice & AS Edmondson
David RascoeAge 8 years Son of Fanny & JG Taylor
Fanny4.17.18688.13.1896Wife of JG Taylor
L Agustus Taylor11.29.18756.23.1929
Magnolia White9.22.18794.27.1953Wife of L. Agustus Taylor
Mollie Jane Mosley18961984Metal Marker
William H Smith9.27.192910.5.1929Son of HB & Nada R Smith
Mattie Willoughly4.16.187110.3.1929Wife of WH Willoughly
WH Willoughly1.15.18665.1.1933
On the Eastern end of the cemetery there are 7 large & 1 small brick crypts. Per Leamon Roebuck as a child he was told by William Arthur Roebuck
(both buried in this cemetery) these graves were Roebucks
Margarett A9.18.189010.2.1982Wife of William L Bland
William L Bland3.31.18813.8.1951
Margarett E4.13.19218.20.1921Dau of Margarett & William Bland (Twin)
Mary A4.13.19216.18.1921Dau of Margarett & William Bland (Twin)
John Asa Pierce4.16.185510.12.1924
Grover Lee6.29.1923no dateSon of LH Rouse. This was a child’s grave
Alonza Otha Rouse8.27.19192.12.1971
Elender Doris8.9.19241.17.2003Wife of Alonza Rouse
William J Edmondson8.4.18974.16.1960
Retha B10.21.1900no dateWife of William J Edmondson
Thelma11.26.192111.29.1921Twin Daughter of HV & Sallie Pierce
Lester11.26.19212.10.1922Twin Son of HV & Sallie Pierce
H Van Pierce11.2.18883.27.1979
Sallie5.26.188910.23.1979Wife of H Van Pierce
Orlanda R Roberson9.16.18662.1.1948
Mary M12.17.18635.2.1928Wife of Orlanda R Roberson
Vicie Howell Edmondson7.5.18656.12.1948
Tim Edmondson6.12.186112.4.1931
Elector W Cherry4.16.18849.29.1949Mother Wife of John D Cherry
John D Cherry1.10.18673.30.1924Father
S G Hinson3.20.18527.18.1934
Johnny J Pierce7.12.190911.2.1986
Selma N6.8.1911no dateWife of Johnny Pierce
William Byrd Ballard18781935
Clayton Warren8.19.19131.11.1938
Gordon R Hinson11.22.1926no date
Alice E5.18.19353.10.1998Wife of Gordon R Hinson
Claude Moore18861934
Infant5.23.19475.24.1947Son of Mr & Mrs Eddie Price
Eli E White9.25.18913.3.1962
Mollie Edwards9.21.18889.11.1965Wife of Eli E White
R Lee Edwards9.22.18621.5.1930
A.Florence7.30.187712.7.1953Wife of R Lee Edwards
Gladys Edwards8.30.19091.24.1945
William L Edwards1.25.18991.31.1985Father
Velna Keel Edwards1.27.19039.30.1967
Leland Bryant1.18.19312.15.1931Son of Mr & Mrs C Oscar Edwards
C Oscar Edwards9.2.19028.19.1963Father
Ethel M1.13.19051.6.1986Mother Wife of C Oscar Edwards
Katie H Hollis1.2.19109.19.1993
Charles J Bembridge10.6.19246.7.1965
Carrie D11.9.190712.23.1981Wife of Charles A Bembridge
Charles A Bembridge5.20.19054.15.1979
Roderick J Bembridge19351977S Sgt US AF Korea Vietnam
Glendora E Edmondson9.19.191912.7.1984
Infant Boy Wells8.25.1969
Jesse (Dick) Edmondson2.25.191511.6.1957
Rosa Edmondson6.3.19175.28.1982Wife of Andy Poe Leggett Sr
Andy Poe Leggett Sr6.21.191112.15.1985
Christopher V Leggett6.29.196711.23.1998Father
Willie C Wynn, Sr4.18.19185.27.1998Father
Hazel E3.29.192210.8.1990Mother Wife of Willie C Wynne Sr
Kanny A Edmondson11.19.18941.12.1971WW I
Helen G4.26.190612.14.1983Wife of Kanny A Edmondson
Bernice Mae Edmondson9.9.19273.19.1997Daughter
Richard P Edmondson19041981Father
Mary H4.19.18947.14.1971Wife of John A Edmondson
John A Edmondson4.5.18927.10.1968
John A Edmondson, III4.5.197411.22.1981
John A Edmondson8.8.193510.19.2000Father
Barbara W1.14.19396.19.2000Mother Wife of John A Edmondson Married December 16, 1955 These 3 on one stone
Sallie W Harris9.2.19202.9.1958Mother
Sally E Warren18911962
James Norman Hollis8.21.19201.13.1989
Nellie Fay Downs6.12.19254.2.1989Wife of James Norman Hollis Wed 6.17.1944
RM (Don) Johnson8.15.18861.13.1956
Lucy Mae8.13.189412.16.1972Wife of RM Johnson
Ora Bell W Rogers12.24.19157.4.1999
Lacy Mack Warren10.5.19162.7.1966NC PFC US Army WWII BSM-PH
Woolard Whitak10.31.19191.6.1989er was taken off of Whitak Tec 4 US Army WWII
James E White7.22.188612.24.1954
Martha Amanda White7.4.188510.18.1967Wife of James E White
Nina Amanda White1.9.19521.9.1952
Kelly B Hardison19021964
Irena J19011972Wife of Kelly B Hardison
Albert Earl Lewis2.15.19146.11.1988PC US ARMY WWII
Mattie Marie Lewis7.5.19228.20.1995
William R White11.10.19145.5.1979Son of WS & Mollie C White
Ernest L White10.7.19031.6.1977Son of WS & Maggie Jones White
W Slade White3.26.18776.10.1961
Hattie R7.23.18933.15.1995Wife of W Slade White
Zackery Davis Purvis6.21.190712.25.1964
Carrie Dell11.26.19087.24.1986Wife of Zackery D Purvis
Eva Cylde Coltrain8.3.18946.6.1981
Charles F Coltrain2.24.18969.6.1964
Alice Coltrain10.2.191910.28.1958Wife of Warren Lern
Alicia Karen8.25.196410.16.1964Dau of Peggy & William Smith
Jackie W Marslender9.12.1930no date
Ruth C1.24.193410.7.1999Wife of Jackie W Marslender
Jessie Thomas Moore10.25.192210.15.1993In Loving Memory
Benjamin H Moore1.22.19332.22.1996Father
Naomi Lee Norris12.9.19071.12.1986
Bettie H Griffin9.18.18787.18.1928Mother Wife of Roderick F Griffin
Nannie L Savage4.9.18732.23.1960
Samuel H Savage7.27.19082.16.1929
Frank L Savage11.25.18652.25.1948
Nellie Roebuck Magee5.7.19014.20.1945
Fred J Roebuck12.8.18602.29.1939
Nellie Tice9.2.18711.6.1950Wife of Fred J Roebuck
George Robert Roebuck12.10.189612.14.1941
Rachel E Roebuck2.18.189311.23.1974Wife of George R Roebuck
Pauline C1923no date“Granny” Wife of Charlie D Leggett
Charlie Duvall Leggett3.2.19091.4.1984“Doc” CPL US Army WWII
Betty R9.29.1930no dateWife of Melvin M Whitfield
Melvin M Whitfield3.14.19228.16.1983Sgt US Army WWII
Archie Brown Hardison19241967
Laura F2.4.18926.10.1967Mother Wife of Alonza H Grimes
Alonza H Grimes1.28.188510.20.1978Father
Stephen L Grimes10.29.19251.1.1966PFC US Army WWII
Betty L2.13.1924no dateWife of Francis B Howard
Francis B Howard1.16.192810.10.1995
Lela J5.6.19055.28.1993Wife of Paul A Johnson
Paul A Johnson8.4.190411.27.1965
Eula Mae Leggett10.30.192011.20.1994
Glenn Dora Grimes10.14.19138.4.1997Wife of Joseph Edward Rogerson, Sr
Joseph Edward Rogerson, Sr12.14.19189.22.1970
Martha Annie Roebuck4.14.18906.3.1956Wife of Elder William Edward Grimes
Elder William Edward Grimes6.12.18812.11.1969Pastor 1922-1969 Primitive Baptist Minister

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Martin County NC,

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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  1. Disputed. Moses 1894-1925 is incorrectly attributed to being the son of Walter and Lula White. These are my great-grandparents. They had no such son. I’ve been to the graveyard and found the plot and mark the corners and Moses was outside of that plot. Since then someone has removed all the cornerstones of our family plot. :(. With further research you’ll find that Henry Moses Moore is the actual person buried there. – Gary White[]

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  1. Moses 1894-1925 is incorrectly attributed to being the son of Walter and Lula White. These are my great-grandparents. They had no such son. I’ve been to the graveyard and found the plot and mark the corners and Moses was outside of that plot. Since then someone has removed all the cornerstones of our family plot. :(. With further research you’ll find that Henry Moses Moore is the actual person buried there.

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