Porter Road Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

From Bethel take 64W four miles turn left on Porter Rd. This cemetery is located about 6-7 miles on right up in a field fenced in. It is difficult to see it from the road. Crops will hide it the harvest season. Almost invisible to see in winter. They know I am looking for them and our souls unite. Erie feeling.

NameBirthDeathCommentsCounty & State
Infant BabeFebruray 1897Age 2 weeks. Son of Richard & Alma HarrisPitt County, NC
Henry BenjaminDecember 22, 1900Age 3 yrs. Son of Richard & Alma HarrisPitt County, NC
Job AlvaJuly 23, 1900Age 3 months. Son of Richard & Alma HarrisPitt County, NC
Bettie AlmaMay 9, 1900Age 29 yrs. Wife of Richard Harris. Must have died after the birth of Job AlvaPitt County, NC
Richard HarrisJune 14, 1851April 24, 1938Pitt County, NC
Jane Louise CogginsApril 20, 1892Age 44 yrs. Wife of Richard E HarrisPitt County, NC
Bennie LouisaMay 27, 1896Age 24 yrs. Wife of E H MayoPitt County, NC
Infant BabeMay 18962 weeks. Babe of EH & Bennie MayoPitt County, NC
Shade Mathias HarrisNovember 11, 1885April 9, 1959Pitt County, NC
Addie ElizabethOctober 7, 1882December 22, 1926Wife of Shade Mathias HarrisPitt County, NC
Mary EMarch 3, 1851December 24, 1920Wife of Richard HarrisPitt County, NC
Anna Almeta1881September 18, 1900Dau of Richard E & Jane Louise HarrisPitt County, NC
George Richard HarrisDecember 21, 1908October 21, 1977Pitt County, NC
Annie KingNovember 15, 1913February 25, 1980Wife of George Richard HarrisPitt County, NC
James Henry SmithAugust 20, 1902Age 22 yrs. Son of J & Sarah L SmithPitt County, NC
Sarah Smith Moore18571940Pitt County, NC
InfantDecember 14, 1921December 15, 1921Son of R E & Retha HarrisPitt County, NC

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Pitt County NC,

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