Penny Hill Road Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

From old 64 W from Bethel, NC turn left on Porter Road. As you turn right on Penny Hill Road, graves in fenced area behind a modular home on right.

Name Birth Death Comments Pitt County, NC
Rolft Vincent Jones Jr 3.19.1947 5.30.1966
James Harlen 1.10.1928 6.15.1928 Son of WJ & Annie M Jones
Wiley J 8.19.1904 3.22.1906 Son of WK & Rosa G Clark
Amber Lillian 5.17.1906 7.23.1927 Dau of WK & Rosa G Clark
Annie Ruth 11.16.1935 9.21.1936 Dau of WJ & Annie M Jones
Martha Ruebelle 3.23.1923 1.3.1938 Dau of Willie & Annie Maude Jones
Rosa Tyson 11.11.1877 7.19.1952 Mother Wife of Wiley K Clark
Wiley K Clark 6.3.1872 3.22.1962 Father
John Samson Clark 6.7.1880 2.16.1944 Father
Dora Bryan 10.7.1884 no date Mother Wife of JS Clark
Infant 11.11.1920 Son of Mr & Mrs JS Clark
Infant 7.28.1903 Son of Mr & Mrs JS Clark
Rosie Bell 4.10.1921 4.10.1921 Born & died Dau of Forrest & Laura Clark Lewis
Laura Clark Lewis 2.28.1879 1.5.1949
Jodie R Clark 5.16.1917 In Memorial Died in Quinton, Ala Age 30 yrs
Infant 6.9.1897 RF & Emily Clark
Infant 11.7.1904 RF & Emily Clark
Emily Estelle Clark 7.3.1877 11.14.1904 Wife of RF Clark
Margaret E 11.30.1923 2.17.1924 Dau of Kellie & RF Clark
Rufus Franklin Clark 5.11.1874 2.13.1948
Infant 4.21.1891 Age 1 year & 2 months. Son of JK & Diannia Clark
Lucy LPL Clark 11.11.1867 3.14.1876 In Memory 8 years
Joseph H Clark 1.17.1843 4.11.1926
Dianne Bullock 12.15.1846 5.24.1926 Wife of Joseph H Clark
Pearl Williams 9.20.1877 4.23.1960 Wife of Rufus F Clark

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Pitt County NC,

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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