Oakly Road Cemetery, Martin County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

This is an African American Cemetery located on the Oakly Road. On left can see tombs, but investigated it was a large one that the forest had grown up. There were a lot of sunken places and graves not marked. Most of the people used Flanagan & Parker as the funeral home. Heavy forest debris I am sure covered some of the graves. Lot of thorn vines, but got as many as I could find. What a treasure!!

NameBirthDeathCommentsCounty & State
Robert F RidleyJuly 20, 1908Age 67. Tho thou are gone Fond memories cling to theeMartin County, NC
MinnieJanuary 11, 1923Age 41 yrs Wife of Sylvester GrimesMartin County, NC
Roosevelt AndrewsJuly 1, 1926August 17, 198054 yearsMartin County, NC
James H HouseAugust 19, 1899May 12, 1973Martin County, NC
Alberta J PhillipsDecember 13, 1915July 27, 1973Martin County, NC
John H JonesAugust 24, 1894August 13, 1977Martin County, NC
Fannie JonesApril 12, 1897December 21 1986Martin County, NC
CatsyFebruary 19, 1869July 4, 1923Wife of O W StatonMartin County, NC
MauriceAugust 18, 1922July 5, 1923Son of Minnie StatonMartin County, NC
Elder Leroy StatonMarch 24, 1902April 22, 1986Martin County, NC
Booker T StatonSeptember 2, 1904May 31, 1990Martin County, NC
Rev. W M JenkinsJanuary 25, 1887December 26, 1929Son of Frank Jenkins & wife AmandyMartin County, NC
William JenkinsMarch 14, 1857December 10, 1924Martin County, NC
Lillian JenkinsApril 25, 1915Age 19 yearsMartin County, NC
Offie S HopkinsJuly 12, 1930February 12, 1987Martin County, NC
Lonnie E SpellmanOctober 12, 1946February 14, 1972Martin County, NC
Jessie AndrewsMay 26, 1933NC PFC 540 Engrs WW IMartin County, NC
James A HighsmithJanuary 8, 1872June 25, 1943Age 71Martin County, NC
Denise Anthony18921969Metal markerMartin County, NC
John H Rogers19121969Manson SerMartin County, NC
James Whitaker19121969BakerMartin County, NC
Charles HendersonSeptember 2, 1925January 10, 1972Martin County, NC
F A ModicaJanuary 15, 1892May 2, 1942Martin County, NC
Roberta Best18961981Martin County, NC
William James GrimesFebruary 8, 1919April 29, 1973NC PFC US Army WWIIMartin County, NC
Hattie DanielsMay 5, 1918April 10, 1974Martin County, NC
L. W. AndrewsSeptember 29, 1874April 17, 1933Martin County, NC
Mack LittleMay 5, 1918July 1, 1987Martin County, NC
Elsie P SuttonSeptember 24, 1947August 9, 1980Martin County, NC
Cora LittleAugust 27, 1926August 25, 1971Martin County, NC
Ora Congelton LittleSeptember 8, 1907November 5, 1982Martin County, NC
Henry Little19031986Martin County, NC
Mary Rogers1888No death date. Wife of James RogersMartin County, NC
James Rogers18721950Martin County, NC
Amy Glevor GreenMarch 23, 1926October 15, 1971Martin County, NC
Marjorie SpellmanMay 25, 1924January 12, 1970Martin County, NC
Mamie A AndrewsMarch 10, 1898May 15, 1962Martin County, NC
William H AndrewsSeptember 6, 1890July 12, 1961Martin County, NC
Jarvis AndrewsJanuary 6, 1942November 1, 1969Martin County, NC
Clarence RedmondSeptember 15, 1917August 7, 1974Martin County, NC
Bettie AMarch 18, 1903Age 34. Wife of Mack G GaniesMartin County, NC
Mary EverettNovember 2, 1908Age 85 Wife of J W EverettMartin County, NC

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Martin County NC,

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