Oakly Road Cemetery 2, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

One mile south of Bethel, turn left on Hwy 30 six miles turn left on Oakly Road about 1 mile large old white house, cemetery to one side of the house with two graves not in the fenced area.

Name Birth Death Comments County & State
“Cissy” Martha Latham Congleton January 30, 1907 January 27, 1996 Pitt County, NC
Ann Congleton Nelson April 22, 1912 March 22, 1986 Wife of Wilmer T Nelson Pitt County, NC

In the fenced area

Martha Courtney Carolina July 15, 1881 Age 62yrs Wife of JJ Rawls Manning. Pitt County, NC
J J Rawls September 30, 1829 December 6, 1900 Fought in Confederate Army Pitt County, NC
Martha Latham March 27, 1854 June 15, 1921 Wife of JJ Rawls. Rose bush in the cemetery was planted by this Martha per family on 3-10-02. It is protected by a small tree kept trimmed to give it shade in the hot months. This Martha was the love of his life. She married another man and he left NC and went to TX. He married Martha Manning. When he was told her husband was dead he left and rode his horse straight to where she was and they married. Her first husband was Joseph R Whitehurst Pitt County, NC
Infant January 2, 1894 January 15, 1894 This was the only child of JJ Rawls. Mother was Martha Latham Whitehurst Pitt County, NC

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