Moore Cemetery, Edgecombe County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

Moore Cemetery. Hwy 11 north from Greenville on left about 6 miles from Greenville

NameBirthDeathCommentsCounty & State
Nannie S ResicoFebruary 10, 1903April 2, 1966Edgecombe Cty, NC
Joseph F Smith1/31/1879December 12, 1930Co H 47 US Vol Inf WW IPitt County, NC
Rosa A Smith4/29/1877June 15, 1956Wife of JF SmithPitt County, NC
David Ashley MooreBorn 1870January 26, 1936Pitt County, NC
Infant SonNovember 28, 1904December 7, 1904Son of RS & Goddie BurnettePitt County, NC
ELD Samuel Moore2/24/1839November 6, 1904Son of David & Arsena MoorePitt County, NC
Nancy E Worsley11/18/1842May 9, 1900Wife of ELD Samuel MoorePitt County, NC
Sarah Elizabeth Moore4/9/1879November 29, 1902Daughter of ELD & Nancy MoorePitt County, NC
John Samuel Moore10/24/1893February 17, 1953Pitt County, NC
Magnolia Taylor Moore8/6/1899October 5, 1984Pitt County, NC
Louise TaylorFebruary 5, 1925March 3, 1939Daughter of John S & Maggie MoorePitt County, NC
G L Moore2/17/1888March 12, 1923Pitt County, NC
Susan Jane Moore5/5/1875October 23, 1933Wife of GL MoorePitt County, NC
O(a)llen L MooreApril 17, 1900July 9, 1901Son of GL & Jane MoorePitt County, NC
Eva G10/22/1897June 11, 1905Daughter of GL & Jane MoorePitt County, NC

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