Gum Swamp Road Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

On Gum Swamp Road about 1.5 miles from the church on the right is a small fenced in cemetery. Before I found this cemetery, I pulled away from the church cemetery stopping at Gum Swamp Church Road. Should I turn left or right. Right would take me home. I didn’t know the territory to the left. I tried to turn right but a force turned me left and I connected with these wonderful people. Husbands and wives that loved each other only to lose a beloved wife to complications of childbirth and a few weeks, months lose the beloved babe. Marry a second time to fill a void. I can’t let the souls be lost to modern farming equipment. May they never stop connecting with me. I will search for them as long as I feel their presence as I walk cold dusty fields when I see a group of trees or a space that looks like someone is there. I will go, listen to the words on grave markers as they tell me their secrets.. and share them with you. Don’t you feel that tingling? They’re connecting with you, too….

NameBirthDeathCommentsCounty & State
Lesley E Coggins, JrFebruary 23, 1933November 13, 1992Pitt County, NC
KatheleenJanuary 11, 1931June 8, 1931Dau of Mr. & Mrs MF TysonPitt County, NC
Pattie J18701961Wife of Osca H HathawayPitt County, NC
Oscar H Hathaway18721926Pitt County, NC
Nettie G HathawayFebrurary 6, 1876July 15, 1912Pitt County, NC
BerleyOctober 6, 1893August 30, 1905Dau of Jessie W & Nettie G JamesPitt County, NC
Viola RAugust 16, 1903June 22, 1910Dau of Oscar H & Pattie HathawayPitt County, NC
CarolineOctober 10, 1844May 31, 1913Wife of W A HymanPitt County, NC
Dell HymanJune 27, 1954June 28, 1954Dau of Mr & Mrs J Floyd CogginsPitt County, NC
Robert H CogginsFebruary 25, 1870August 11, 1946Pitt County, NC
Bettie HOctober 25, 1873May 11, 1923Wife of Robert H CogginsPitt County, NC
Perlie WDecember 18, 1937July 5, 1938Dau of Mr. & Mrs L E CogginsPitt County, NC
InfantFebruary 16, 1939February 19, 1939Son of Mr. & Mrs L E CogginsPitt County, NC
Robert WayneJuly 10, 1963July 11, 1963Son of Bobby M & Norma CogginsPitt County, NC
Brandon S Pounds20012001Metal markerPitt County, NC
Jennis Floyd Coggins, SrApril 23, 1917October 30, 1978Pitt County, NC
Henry H HathawayApril 25, 1915September 20, 1941Son of Flossie & Johnnie HathawayPitt County, NC
Johnnie A HathawaySeptember 19, 1891September 28, 1957FatherPitt County, NC
Flossie C HathawayJune 4, 1897August 11, 1972Mother Wife of Johnnie A HathawayPitt County, NC

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Pitt County NC,

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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