Gum Swamp Church Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

On Porter Road turn left on Gum Swamp Church Road. Church on the left, church cemetery on the side of church.

NameBirthDeathCommentsCounty & State
Mary A. E. J.March 11, 1837August 2, 1856Wife of C H Jenkins & Dau of Jessie & Harriet Stancil. 19 years, 4 months & 21 daysPitt County, NC
Our InfantNo datesPitt County, NC
Trezina (?)January 17, 1817April 4, 1899Wife of James JohnstonPitt County, NC
Wiley StancillSeptember 14, 1811May 1, 1882Pitt County, NC
Richard EOctober 23, 1843Son of Elizabeth & Nathan Stancill. Age 1 yr 9 months & 27 daysPitt County, NC
Elizabeth AnnSeptember 6, 1843Consort of Nathan Stancill. Age 22 years 4 months & 18 daysPitt County, NC
Sarah F StancillMay 16, 1840March 25, 1918Wife of Rev Henry ParkerPitt County, NC
Eld Henry ParkerSeptember 28, 1840November 14, 1887Pitt County, NC
Emma Stancil18691936Wife of Crandle LittlePitt County, NC
Crandle Little18581930Pitt County, NC
Dominic Anthony SalamoneJanuary 5, 1916June 30, 2000US Navy WW IIPitt County, NC
Anna Bell SalmoneSeptember 5, 1922December 18, 1992Wife of Dominic A SalamonePitt County, NC
Doris AnnMarch 9, 1931January 4, 2002Wife James R StancillPitt County, NC
James R StancillAugust 1, 1928Pitt County, NC
Katie O DellApril 8, 1926September 9, 1946Dau of Melba S & Marvin E SmithPitt County, NC
Melba SFebruary 3, 1904July 6, 1993Wife of Marvi E SmithPitt County, NC
Marvin E SmithAugust 15, 1897January 12, 1965Pitt County, NC
Anna BlanchMay 29, 1901June 6, 1943Wife of Rufus Garland StancillPitt County, NC
Rufus Garland StancillDecember 28, 1896April 26, 1959Pitt County, NC
Verna M RossFebruary 14, 1911April 22, 1994Wife of KM RossPitt County, NC
K M RossMarch 5, 1910March 21, 1959Pitt County, NC
Kenneth M Ross, JrNovember 26, 1936April 24, 1962Son of Verna & K M RossPitt County, NC
William L RossDecember 21, 1933August 16, 194Son of Verna & K M RossPitt County, NC
Bobby G RossJuly 15, 1935Son of Verna & K M RossPitt County, NC
William Lawrence RossMarch 27, 1947August 19, 1996US Army VietnamPitt County, NC
Elmer D JayneSeptember 18, 1865July 14, 1940Pitt County, NC
Fannie JayneJuly 2, 1872September 26, 1944Pitt County, NC
Allie Estelle Allen LittleFebruary 1, 1902May 13, 1984Wife of Leonard L Little & Haywood O. HathawayPitt County, NC
Leonard L LittleSeptember 29, 1897May 21, 1938Pitt County, NC
Henry Gray DunnOctober 20, 1906December 25, 1969Pitt County, NC
Ethel TeelJanuary 15, 1909Wife of Henry Gray DunnPitt County, NC
Lue Jennie DunnSeptember 1, 1867July 26, 1955Pitt County, NC
William Alexander DunnJuly 25, 1903June 21, 1972Pitt County, NC
Sam T BradyDecember 1, 1893December 26, 1954NC Wagoner 3 BIL Sup Det WW IPitt County, NC
Della Harrell BradyOctober 22, 1897January 9, 1994Beloved wife of Sam T BradyPitt County, NC
John Allen BradyOctober 28, 1884December 29, 1922Pitt County, NC
Florence E18741959Wife of William M MayoPitt County, NC
William M Mayo18701945Pitt County, NC
Ruie C19061980Wife of William R MayoPitt County, NC
William R Mayo19051964Pitt County, NC
Gaynell WarrenOctober 13, 1893October 17, 1924Pitt County, NC
G A MeeksDecember 23,1875January 30, 1948Pitt County, NC
Lizzie MeeksNovember 12, 1882December 21, 1925Pitt County, NC
Alphis Ducin GreeneSeptember 24, 1922July 31, 1923Son of George D & Clara GreenePitt County, NC
Clara B MorrisMarch 15, 1888November 4, 1953Wife of George D GreenePitt County, NC
InfantMay 4, 1923May 4,1923Infant of W R & Vera TysonPitt County, NC
Mary FrancessNovember 19, 1922September 14, 1923Pitt County, NC
Little “Baby Girl”July 17, 1956July 17, 1956Dau of Leonard L “Buddy” Little & Shirley T LittlePitt County, NC
Johnnie H KeelFebruary 10, 1877April 27, 1928Pitt County, NC
S MollissieMarch 16, 1883August 18, 1961Wife of Johnnie H KeelPitt County, NC
Louisa KeelMarch 4, 1852May 9, 1933Pitt County, NC
Edward L KeelMay 29, 1919July 23, 1968NC PFC US Army WW IIPitt County, NC
Nora EApril 12, 1868March 19, 1935Wife of N W StancillPitt County, NC
Bell Mayo LibbySeptember 11, 1899July 23, 1970Pitt County, NC
Myrtle HApril 15, 1892January 17, 1919Wife of W N StancillPitt County, NC
Lula AMarch 20, 1868June 17, 1919Wife of J E WarrenPitt County, NC
J E WarrenJune 12, 1862July 29, 1923Pitt County, NC
Jeremiah Edgar Warren, Jr.July 31, 1949May 26, 1966Pitt County, NC
Jeremiah Edgar Warren, Jr.March 26, 1921August 6, 1999PFC US Army WW II (Yes there were two)Pitt County, NC
InfantJanuary 30, 1924January 30, 1924Son of W E & Nina G WarrenPitt County, NC
Anna Pollard Parker18731938Wife of Thad E ParkerPitt County, NC
Thad E ParkerOctober 19, 1872November 20, 1945Pitt County, NC
Mary EllaFebruary 4, 1931April 19, 1932Dau of Wiley & Lizzie MayoPitt County, NC
Jimmy G MayoFebruary 23, 1937June 17, 1956Son of Mr & Mrs Wiley MayoPitt County, NC
Billy Ray MayoMarch 18, 1941December 26, 1970Husband of Sharon TrippPitt County, NC
Wiley T MayoMay 18, 1908June 5, 1987Pitt County, NC
“Lizzie” Mary EMarch 10, 1906March 27, 1990Wife of Wiley T MayoPitt County, NC
Irwin Lamar LittleNovember 2, 1909October 22, 1951DaddyPitt County, NC
George R ClarkJuly 16, 1939May 10, 1985Pitt County, NC
Helen LOctober 17, 1913blankWife of George J ClarkPitt County, NC
George J ClarkFebruary 11, 1915February 11, 1962Married December 9, 1935Pitt County, NC
Bessie MJanuary 14, 1884June 3, 1949Wife of Offie C ClarkPitt County, NC
Office C ClarkFebruary 12, 1886December 5, 1972Pitt County, NC
Emma Jackson AyersDecember 2, 1899December 27, 1973Pitt County, NC
Henry AyersOctober 12, 1897November 7, 1956Pitt County, NC
James O ClarkDecember 14, 1908January 3, 1940Pitt County, NC
Nana LFebruray 14, 1879July 1, 1968Wife of Robert H ParkerPitt County, NC
Robert H ParkerApril 18, 1876February 26, 1944Pitt County, NC
Ernest James19161937Son of W W & Dora JamesPitt County, NC
Roland E James19311933Son of W W & Dora JamesPitt County, NC
Maggie V JamesJuly 4, 1874February 13, 1929Pitt County, NC
J E JamesSeptember 1865December 1, 1939Pitt County, NC
Henry ChapmanMarch 18, 1886January 9, 1970Pitt County, NC
Lucy Mayo ChapmanJune 29, 1892February 8, 1972Wife of Henry ChapmanPitt County, NC
David Dail ChapmanMarch 26, 1926July 11, 1950NC S1 USNR WWIIPitt County, NC
James Robert ChapmanJune 29, 1918May 31, 1987Pitt County, NC
Clayton Exum EveretteJuly 18, 1890November 30, 1976FatherPitt County, NC
Pearlie James18981928Mother Wife of Clayton Exum EverettePitt County, NC
W W BullockJanuary 28, 1871January 2, 1941Pitt County, NC
Margaret MirandaApril 8, 1880April 15, 1916Wife of W W BullockPitt County, NC
J Elwood BullockDecember 9, 1919February 27, 1922Son of W W & Lula BullockPitt County, NC
InfantJune 30, 1927June 30, 1927Son of W G & F J BullockPitt County, NC
Lydia A PollardJanuary 8, 1880July 23, 1929Pitt County, NC
John Doyle Keel, JrApril 27, 1940August 3, 1948Son of John D Keel, Sr & Martha WarrenPitt County, NC
Marth GAugust 28, 1888December 18, 1950Wife of Ciserow R MillsPitt County, NC
Ciserow R MillsJanuary 9, 1885November 15, 1967Pitt County, NC
Duck Hardee MillsSeptember 15, 1890June 29, 1968Pitt County, NC
Richard S Butts18901966Pitt County, NC
Annie Teel Butts18921961Wife of Richard S ButtsPitt County, NC
Ruth P HarrellSeptember 18, 1871April 19, 1964Pitt County, NC
Eva HDecember 30, 1910July 6, 1986Wife of James F HathawayPitt County, NC
James F HathawayJanuary 28, 1904Februrary 12, 1967Pitt County, NC
Mary Dunn SmithSeptember 17, 1931June 21, 1968Wife of John SmithPitt County, NC
Nannie Bullock DunnFebruary 21, 1904December 13, 1985Pitt County, NC
Peggy Eastwood EdwardsMay 13, 1944Pitt County, NC
Glendora BrewerOctober 4, 1908November 16, 1998Wife of Benjamin Eastwood & James Perry BrewerPitt County, NC
“Gina” Georgina ReneeMay 9, 1971February 3, 1978Dau of G Wiley & Brenda N CarrawayPitt County, NC
Mildred TeelApril 23, 1916August 25, 1974Wife of Johnnie Wiley CarrawayPitt County, NC
Johnnie Wiley Carraway19-Jul-1325-Aug-71Pitt County, NC
Annie H Morris23-Jan-06blankWife of Arthur Lee MorrisPitt County, NC
Arthur Lee MorrisAugust 29, 1894September 23, 1969Pvt US Army WW IPitt County, NC
Reba MorrisApril 9, 1917May 2, 1993Pitt County, NC
Loyce CorbettSeptember 9, 1939Wife of Leroy CarrawayPitt County, NC
Leroy CarrawayMarch 1, 1938Pitt County, NC
Ludie MOctober 18, 1886November 17, 1954Wife of Jerry F WarrenPitt County, NC
Jerry F WarrenOctober 27, 1883March 31, 1959Pitt County, NC
Susie KJune 23, 1865Februrary 21, 1935Wife of Jessie J SummerlinPitt County, NC
Jessie J SummerlinNovember 26, 1865December 12, 1935Pitt County, NC

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Pitt County NC,

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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