Carson-Gardner Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

Hwy 11 north in front of Holiness Church in Bethel, turn right on House Road. On the left up in a field about 1 1/2 miles

Name Birth Death Comments County & State
Thomas A Gardner 3/31/1898 February 26, 1936 Edgecombe Cty, NC
Infants 4/6/1899 4/7/1899 Sons of WJ & RA Whitehurst Edgecombe Cty, NC
William Joseph Whitehurst 1/26/1867 November 25, 1910 Edgecombe Cty, NC
Luther G Gardner 2/12/1896 June 2, 1901 Son of WD & LC Gardner Edgecombe Cty, NC
Martha Jane 8/14/1848 September 15, 1920 Wife of Thomas G Carson Edgecombe Cty, NC
Thomas G Carson 1/28/1849 January 13, 1917 Edgecombe Cty, NC
William D Gardner 7/16/1862 August 29, 1934 Edgecombe Cty, NC
Lydia Cora 3/23/1872 July 27, 1916 Wife of WD Gardner Edgecombe Cty, NC
Fannie Gardner September 3, 1902 March 26, 1917 Daughter of WD & LC Gardner Gone to be Edgecombe Cty, NC
with her mother

Pitt County NC,

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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