Bud Parker Road Cemetery, North Carolina

This cemetery is located on Bud Parker Rd. Not sure if in Pitt or Edgecombe County. Roads intertwined in this area.

Name Birth Death Comments Pitt/Edgecombe County, NC
Hardy G Parker 1805 1883 Married 1845
Sarah 1814 1898 Wife of HG Parker
Rufus A Parker 5.27.1856 6.2.1937
Mollie B 4.14.1856 1.17.1897 Wife of Rufus A Parker
Clayton Parker 1879 1888 Son of Arthur and Mary Parker
Arthur R Parker 1851 1883 Married 1875 in Belvoir
Mary W Wife of Arthur R Parker
Sarah 7.20.1898 Wife of HG Parker. Age 84 This was another marker as above info

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