Big Oak Road Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

This cemetery is located 3 miles from Bethel. Turn on Package Craft Rd and it runs into Big Oak Road located on the right in a field

Name Birth Death Comments County & State
W D Manning 6/28/1861 May 10, 1929 Pitt County, NC
WAM Foot Stone Pitt County, NC
James Carl January 18, 1937 Son of Essie Whitaker & Pearlie Whitehurst Pitt County, NC
Charlotte Manning 3/9/1823 May 20, 1903 Wife of JA Manning. Bricked Tomb Pitt County, NC
J A Manning 9/5/1821 8/10/1890 Bricked Tomb Pitt County, NC
Maggie T 7/30/1895 (?) 10/20/1895 Stone worn Daughter of ED & MA Manning Stone worn Pitt County, NC
ED Manning 5/6/1868 July 11, 1940 Pitt County, NC
Addie Manning 5/8/1873 September 17, 1920 Wife of ED Manning Pitt County, NC
Fannie Manning 8/8/1868 June 16, 1932 Wife of MC Manning Pitt County, NC
MC Manning 6/25/1864 September 30, 1934 Pitt County, NC
Laddie 11/28/1889 November 8, 1900 Son of Fannie & MC Manning Pitt County, NC
William 9/27/1890 4/20/1895 Son of Fannie & MC Manning Pitt County, NC
Infant Manning 6/15/1893 6/29/1893 Son of Fannie & MC Manning Pitt County, NC
Aggie Dora 11/8/1893 1/15/1896 Daughter of RR & Caroline Whitehurst Pitt County, NC
Garlon August 28, 1900 December 17, 1900 Son of ED & MA Manning Pitt County, NC
Lula G September 6, 1907 January 12, 1909 Daughter of OW & Bessie C House Pitt County, NC
JHW Whitehurst 2/5/1880 July 20, 1929 Pitt County, NC
Nancy E 11/2/1878 April 18, 1921 Wife of JHW Whitehurst Pitt County, NC
S E April 18, 1921 June 24, 1921 Son of JHW & Nancy E Whitehurst Pitt County, NC
A M Foot Stone Pitt County, NC
1 large stone face down Pitt County, NC

Copyright 2004 by Annette Ginn Roebuck. All rights reserved.

I was directed to another cemetery on Blue Eyes Carson Road, the iron fence was all but destroyed and it appeared the graves had been moved.

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