Andrews Family Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

This cemetery located on House Road. Hwy 11 N turn right in front of Holiness Church, .5 mile turn left at first dirt road. Under a large magnolia tree.

Name Birth Death Comments County & State
William Alfred James 10-18-1850 July 19, 1923 Pitt County, NC
Mary Ellen Wainwright 2-5-1853 no date Wife of William Alfred James Pitt County, NC
Myers Richard Matthews 9-6-1884 October 24, 1932 Pitt County, NC
J. Quincy Andrews 8-5-1878 July 11, 1941 Pitt County, NC
Rillie Gray 5-11-1884 May 31, 1920 Wife of J Quincy Andrews Pitt County, NC
John Dawson Andrews 1-10-1846 July 14, 1906 Pitt County, NC
Prudence H Jenkins 10-11-1855 October 5, 1914 Wife of John Dawson Andrews Pitt County, NC
David C Moore 9-18-1850 June 13, 1914 Pitt County, NC
Martha Andrews 9-23-1853 December 17, 1940 Wife of David C Moore Pitt County, NC
Thomas Claudius Moore 10-10-1876 8-21-1877 Son of David C & Martha Moore Pitt County, NC
Infant Daughter Died at birth David C & Martha Moore Pitt County, NC
Mary Arcena Moore 7-13-1878 0-0-1879 Daughter of David C & Martha Moore Pitt County, NC
Nancy E Barnhill 5-16-1877 March 5, 1920 Wife of WT Barnhill Pitt County, NC
Charles E Philpot 3-15-1850 April 12, 1921 Pitt County, NC
Sarah E Philpot 6-22-1856 May 11, 1922 Wife of Charles E Philpot. Dau of Clayton Pitt County, NC
Hines Taylor
Willie W Andrews 12-15-1867 September 17, 1934 Pitt County, NC
Henry Andrews 3-16-1800 1-22-1870 Pitt County, NC
Mary Ann Hutchins 2-21-1811 3-2-1884 Wife of Henry Andrews. Born in New York Pitt County, NC
Died in Edgecombe Cty, NC, 73 Yrs 9 days

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Pitt County NC,

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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