Additional Soldiers – U Surnames

Ulmer, R., Private, Co. E, 105th Engrs., 30th Div.
Umstead, C. I., Private, Hdqrs. Co., 81st Div., 318th F. A.
Underdown, M. A., Mech., 113th F. A., 30th Div.
Underwood, C. O., Bugler, Co. C, 105th Engrs., 30th Div.
Underwood, E. R., 1st Lt., Co. C, 30th Div., 50th Inf.
Upchurch, O. C., Private, Inf.
Uren, P. R., Private, Co. G, 30th Div., 105th Amtn. Tr.
Usher, A. L., Private, Co. M, 42nd Div., 166th Inf.
Ussery, C. H., Sadler, Co. A, 105th Engrs., 30th Div.
Utley, H. H., Wag., Sup. Co., 81st Div., 317th F. A.
Uzzle, C. C., Private, Co. D, 6th Div., 54th Inf.

World War 1,

Collection: North Carolina World War 1 Military Records.

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