Biographical Sketch of Timothy Buell

Timothy (2), son of Captain Timothy (1) and Olive (Norton) Buell, was born in Goshen, Connecticut, December 8, 1791, died in East Bloomfield, January 16, 1873. He resided on the Buell homestead. He married Lucy, daughter of Daniel Rice. Children, born in East Bloomfield: 1. Olive, born August 30, 1815, married Frederick Munson; 2. Caroline, born May 8, 1817, died October 19, 1891 ; 3. Frederick, born April 29, 1819, died in Buffalo, 1894, married, 1844, Eliza Storrs; 4. Charles, born March 17, 1821, died 1822; 5. Augustus, born January 31, 1824, married (first) Electa Gauss; children: Timothy (3d), born in East Bloomfield, May 30, 1856, married, 1883, Alsada Mott, died 1895; Lucy Electa, died in infancy; Mary Eliza, died in infancy; Arthur, born August 31, 1864, married Alice A. Wheeler, of East Bloomfield; Amelia, born 1866, died in infancy; Augustus married (second) Mary A. Conklin; children: William Conklin, married, 1907, May Arnold, and in 1906 bought the homestead of Charles Buell and resides there; Lucy Rice; Caroline Louise, married, 1910, Henry C. Arnold, and resides in East Bloomfield. 6. Alice, born 1826, resides in East Bloomfield. 7. Charles, born June 14, 1829, lived at the homestead in East Bloomfield, but sold it in 1906 to William, son of Augustus X. Buell, and moved to Canandaigua; married, 1858, Anna Dunn; children: John Livingston, born October 6, 1864; Kezzie, born in East Bloomfield, 1859, married, 1884, Dr. John H. Jewett, of Canandaigua; Harry Chapin, born in East Bloomfield, January 7, 1867, physician of Canandaigua, New York, married Augusta Taber, June 27, 1905; Florence Davis, born in East Bloomfield, resides in Canandaigua. 8. Ellen, born January 1, 1832, died at East Bloomfield, May 15, 1885; married, 1857, Rev. Alexander McGlashen, who died at St. Catharine’s, Ontario, September 9, 1867; surviving children: Henry Stoddart, born 1863, resides in East Bloomfield; Archibald Alexander, born 1867, A. B. Amherst, M. A. Columbia, LL. B. Columbia Law School, lawyer, New York City. 9. John, born June 24, 1834, died September 18, 1864, at Andersonville Prison, Georgia; he enlisted in 1861, and was taken prisoner at Plymouth, North Carolina, April 20, 1864.



Ontario County NY,

Milliken, Charles F. The History of Ontario County, New York, and Its People Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York. 1911.

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