Biographical Sketch of Samuel Wilbur

Samuel Wilbur, immigrant ancestor, married in England, Ann, daughter of Thomas Bradford, of Doncaster, York county or Yorkshire. The first record of him is on December 1, 1633, when he and his wife Ann were admitted to the First Church at Boston. He was made a freeman in Boston, March 4, 1634. He owned much property in Taunton, Massachusetts, as well as in Boston, and probably in both places. In November, 1637, he was among those banished from the colony on account of religious views. Acting on the advice of Roger Williams, he went to Providence, where he and the others who fled with him negotiated with the Narragansett Indians for the purchase of the Island of Aquednek, now (1910) Rhode Island. Early in 1638 he removed with his family to the new location. In 1645 he returned to Boston. Later, he built an iron furnace at Taunton, the first in New England. In 1638 he was clerk of the town board, was constable in 1639, and in 1644 was sergeant. He married (second) Elizabeth Lechford, widow of Thomas Lechford. She was admitted to the church, November 29, 1645. He died July 24, 1656. His will, dated April 30, 1656, was proved November 6, 1656, and his widow and son Shadrach were executors. His widow married Henry Bishop, December 20, 1656; he died in 1664 and she probably about July, 1665. Children: Samuel, born 1614; Joseph, died August 27, 1691 ; William, mentioned elsewhere; Shadrach, born 1632.



Ontario County NY,

Milliken, Charles F. The History of Ontario County, New York, and Its People Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York. 1911.

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