Biographical Sketch of Colonel Silvester Richmond

(III) Colonel Silvester Richmond, son of Captain Edward Richmond, was born at Little Compton, formerly Dartmouth, Massachusetts, now (1910) Rhode Island, in 1672. He married, in 1693, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Pabodie or Peabody) Rogers, granddaughter of John Rogers, of Duxbury, Massachusetts, great-granddaughter of John and Priscilla (Molines or Mullins) Alden, who came in the “Mayflower.” She was born in 1672, and died October 23, 1724. He married (second), February 18, 1728, Deborah, widow of Thomas Loring, and daughter of John and Sarah (Hawks) Cushing. She was born in September, 1674. He died November 20, 17$4, and his widow October 18, 1770. He was commissioned lieutenant, July 25, 1710, and colonel, April 25, 1742. He was justice of the peace in 1711 and 1729. He held a number of slaves, but set them free and settled them on land in Dartmouth. His tombstone at Little Compton is inscribed : “Colon. Sylvestre Richmond of Dartmouth. Died November 22, 1754. In the 81st. year of his age.” An obituary of his wife, noting her Mayflower ancestry, was published June 17, 1717, in the Boston News Letter. Children, all by first wife: William, mentioned elsewhere; Elizabeth, born May 10, 1696; Sylvester, June 30, 1698; Peleg, October 25, 1700; Perez, October 5, 1702; Ichabod, February 27, 1704; Ruth, March 7, 1705-6; Hannah, July 9, 1709; Sarah, October 31, 1711; Mary, November 29, 1713; Rogers, May 25, 1716.



Milliken, Charles F. The History of Ontario County, New York, and Its People Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York. 1911.

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