Biographical Sketch of Calvin Beecher

Calvin Beecher, the first of the line here under consideration of whom we have definite information, was born in New England. July 13, 1802, died in October, 1864. He was a cousin of the celebrated Henry Ward Beecher, who was a son of Lyman and Roxana (Foote) Beecher, grandson of David Beecher, and sixth in descent from John Beecher, the first American ancestor, who came with his mother, the Widow Hannah Beecher, to Connecticut from Kent, England, in 1638. These ancestors were of sturdy yeoman stock, noted for their physical strength, honest, God-fearing men. Emeline, wife of Calvin Beecher, was born October 25, 1804, died April 21, 1859. Children: Julia, Isaac, Norman. Salmon, Sarah. Warren, Rollin L. and Lyman M.

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