Biographical Sketch of Andrew Rowley

Andrew, son of Jirah Rowley, was born in Victor, Ontario county, New York, August 27, 1800, died there November 12, 1877. He was a carpenter by trade and a builder and contractor as well as farmer by occupation. He took several contracts in the construction of the Erie canal and built several miles of the Auburn branch of the New York Central & Hudson River railroad. He had the contracts for building many of the houses and large buildings in Victor and vicinity. He married Sarah Bigelow, of Waterloo, born September 2, 1803, died November 1, 185,9. Children: Franklin, mentioned elsewhere; Sarah, married Walter Van Wechter; Elizabeth, married Don Van Demburgh: Bigelow, married Charlotte Talmage, children: Edward, of Joliet. Illinois; Frank, of Victor.

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