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This New Jersey state page of our website provides direct links to genealogy databases, books and information found on New Jersey genealogy and history, whether they exist on our site, or across the web.

New Jersey Cemeteries

New Jersey Census Records

New Jersey Counties

Bergen County

Vital Records of Bergen New Jersey
The records provided in this collection come from two annual editions of the “Year Book of the Holland Society of New York.” They represent the baptisms from 1666-1692 and marriages from 1665-1788. For the most part the names are Dutch in heredity.

Burlington County

Bordentown Manual Training School – 95 photographs of student activities, staff and school grounds.

Essex County

Some Essex County New Jersey City Directories
The Bloomfield Public Library has made available for free genealogy research, 32 city directories of various cities and townships in Essex County New Jersey, outside of Newark. You may read the directory or download various versions of each depending on your reading device.

Union County

Plainfield New Jersey Police Department Records, 1890-1948
The Plainfield, New Jersey Police Department records, spanning from 1890 to 1948, offer a unique window into the past, providing genealogists and historians alike with a bounty of information. These records, housed at the Plainfield Public Library, encompass a wide array of documents including arrest records, city court records, daily blotters, detective records, permit records, summons recordings, and general police logs. Despite the seemingly mundane nature of these documents, they are anything but. Each page, each entry, tells a story, contributing to the larger narrative of our shared history.

Washington County

A History of Washington Valley New Jersey
In 1949 a committee came together to prepare a history of Washington Valley New Jersey. From its origins as a settlement in 1749 through the pivotal moments of the Revolutionary War and into the nineteenth century, they delve into the lives of the early families who once called this valley home. Despite the challenges of piecing together a fragmented historical record, their endeavor aims to illuminate the valley’s heritage, drawing on a diverse array of sources, from land deeds and wills to personal anecdotes and genealogical research. This book is free to read or to download as a PDF.

United States Genealogy

USGenWeb Project

Atlantic, Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Salem, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Warren

American History and Genealogy Project


New Jersey Court Records

New Jersey Directories

Some Essex County New Jersey City Directories
The Bloomfield Public Library has made available for free genealogy research, 32 city directories of various cities and townships in Essex County New Jersey, outside of Newark. You may read the directory or download various versions of each depending on your reading device.

New Jersey Genealogy

The Cox family in America
You are here presented with two volumes of Cox family genealogy combined as one. The first volume contains information about the various early Cox families across America. This volume starts from the front of the book and goes to image 410 and contains 325 pages, plus front matter. Various Cox immigrants started families in the states of Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The Pollak Family of Pressburg, Hungary and Vienna, Austria
The earliest Pollak ancestor she mentions is Eduard Pollak (1817-7 Aug 1888). His wife was Katharina Ratzersdorfer (1819-8 Apr 1891). The record of his death describes him as a business manager from Pressburg, Hungary. Sometime before 1848, Eduard and Katharina moved to Vienna, where they had five children: Moritz, Wilhelm, Ignaz, Heinrich, and Flora. This self published manuscript takes the talented family of Eduard and Katharina down to present day.

The Turner family magazine
In 1916 and 1917, William Montgomery Clemens edited a series of pamphlets called the Turner Family Magazine. It was meant to be a genealogical, historical and biographical magazine about the Turner family across the United States. That series of magazines was later published in 1920 as a complete bound volume. This is what this book is.

Descendants of Matthew Watson of Leicester, Massachusetts
Matthew Watson (d. 1720), of English lineage, married Mary Orr in 1695, and in 1718 the family immigrated from Ireland to Boston, Massachusetts and settled in Leicester, Massachusetts. Descendants and relatives lived in New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nebraska, Rhode Island, California, Nevada, Michigan and elsewhere.

New Jersey History

  • Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley
    Passaic Valley in New Jersey was first settled in the early 1700’s, primarily by families from Long Island, New York and Connecticut. The Family records, or, Genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and vicinity above Chatham provides genealogies of these early settlers from family records when they could be obtained, otherwise the author used family members to provide the information. Since some of the information comes from memory of individuals, one should validate what is written before relying on it to greatly.
  • Stories of New Jersey
    This volume of stories, composed of historical incidents, or material connected with the history of New Jersey, is not intended to be a record, even in a condensed form, of the rise and progress of the State. The stories are arranged chronologically, but there has been no attempt to give a complete and continuous account of events or epochs.
  • Narratives of early Pennsylvania, West New Jersey and Delaware, 1630-1707

New Jersey Military Records

New Jersey Native American Records

New Jersey Historical Newspapers and Obituaries

  • Burlington County
    • Burlington County Newspaper Notices Index
      The “Burlington County Newspaper Notices Index” includes citations to birth announcements, marriage announcements, death notices, obituaries, and other related news items gathered from over twenty-five Burlington County area newspapers and publications. The oldest citations in this index date back to 1810 and are from the Rural Visitor, a newspaper published in Burlington City, from July 1810 to July 1811. The majority of the citations in the database are death notices and marriage announcements from the mid-1800’s and 1910-through the WW II era. Most of the birth announcements date from the 1970’s-early 1980’s. However, no newspaper in the Burlington County Library System microfilm collection has been indexed from the first issue to the last.
  • Monmouth County
    • Belmar Historical Society Newspaper Collection 1881-1974
      The borough of Belmar is located in east central New Jersey in Monmouth County. The Belmar Historical Society has made a newspaper database available on its website. The database covers 1881 through 1974 (limited issues are available for the first several years). Click the year link and then the issue date link. The newspapers can also be searched by keyword. Click the Search link on the home page to begin. You can search the entire database at one time or limit your search to a specific decade or year.
  • Morris County
    • Rockaway Township Free Public Library
      Rockaway Township is located in north central New Jersey in Morris County. The Rockaway Township Free Public Library has made two local newspaper databases available on its website. Both databases can be browsed issue by issue. The Iron Era covers January 1872 through November 1905. The number of available issues per year varies. The Rockaway Record covers November 1899 through December 1935. The number of available issues in the early years is limited.
  • Warren County
    • Belvidere Apollo / Intelligencer / Apollo-Journal Obituary Index
      The Belvidere Apollo was a weekly newspaper, published in Belvidere, NJ from 1826-1953. This comprehensive index, created by Mr. Robert Evans, a volunteer at the Warren County Library System, documents obituaries, death notices and news accounts containing death announcements. The first two volumes of the index, covering 1826-1882, can be browsed alphabetically by last name. The user is referred to the date of publication and the page number. The newspaper itself is available on microfim at the Warren County Library System and potentially at other New Jersey libraries. The user may also request a photocopy of an obituary notice.

New Jersey Vital Records

  • New Jersey Vital Records
  • New Jersey Marriage Index 1901-2016
    Alec Ferretti, a budding genealogist, took upon himself the task of filing an OPRA request with the New Jersey Department of Health, seeking the marriage indices that legally should have been made available to the public (based on the law) but had not been. After being denied his request, he sought the help of genealogist’s newest friends, Reclaim the Records. They with their legal team helped Alec successfully challenge the denial, and to make this story short, though it wasn’t, they were able to get the indices available opened to the public and published on The setup at archive, not being conducive to a quick search, I have provided the links straight to the data, along with explanation text as provided by Reclaim the Records.
  • Vital Records of Bergen New Jersey
    The records provided in this collection come from two annual editions of the “Year Book of the Holland Society of New York.” They represent the baptisms from 1666-1692 and marriages from 1665-1788. For the most part the names are Dutch in heredity.

Recent New Jersey Genealogy

New Jersey Indians – F & G Surnames

Feetee. Indian sachem, May 30, 1704. See Mahwtatt. Genemay Nemow. Indian deed, Nov. 18, 1709. See Sherikham. Ghonnojea and other “Indians and Sachems.” Indian deed, March 28, 1679, for Haquequenunck. Gnickap, 66. Indian deed, Aug. 22, 1681. See Abozaweramud. Gosque, 7. Indian deed, July 20, 1668. See Anaren. Gottawamerk (witness), 17. Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow. Gwach (or Gwach, pachtan). Indian deed, Sept. 16, 1709. See Amegatha.

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New Jersey Indians – E Surnames

Echkamare, an Indian of Sussex county, cir. 1715-40. See Ambehoes. Edgaques, Etgaqui. Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow. Egohohoun, Chief of the Muncies, Lapink, Nepeas, Mechekamee, Cockalalaman, Lawykaman, Tutalayo, Kanashalees, Homeyquoaw, Beoppo, Pemattase, Quaquenow, Awquawaton, Chief of the Opings or Pomptons, Wettanesseck, Wayweenhunt, and Quiasecament. Signed Homeyquoan, Beoppo, Pemattase, Quaquenow, Awquawaton, Wettanesseck, Wayqueenhunt, Ouiasecamont, Egshohoun, Lapink, Nepeas, Mechekamee, Cockalalaman, Lawyhaman, Tutalayo, Kanashalees. Indian indenture made at Easton, Pa., Oct. 23, 1758, to Gover nor Bernard and Commissioners of New Jersey, for all the rights of the Minnisink or Munsie, and the Oping or Pompton Indians. “The Mingoes or United…

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New Jersey Indians – P Surnames

Paakek (or Paakek Siekaak, or Paakli Sekaak), 230. Indian deed, June 6, 1695. See Taepgan. Indians of N. J.. 112. Pachem, “a crafty man” of the Hackensacks, who urged the Indians to a general massacre early in 1643. See Oratamy. N. Y. Col. Docs., IV., 8; Indians of N. J., 104. Pachtan. Indian deed, September 16, 1709. See Amegatha, and Gwach. Paghquehom. Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow. Paiquahakopawa. Indian deed, Nov. i, 1714. See Namaliskont. Pajpemoor (Pojpemoor), “brother to and reputed by Pajpemoor,” etc. Agreement, Dec., 1663. See Matanoo. Pakehautas. Indian deed, June 20, 1703. See Nanhamman. Pama…

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New Jersey Indians – O Surnames

Ockanickon. Indian sachem at Burlington, about 1680. Budd’s Good Order Established in Pennsilvania and New- Jersey in America, 1685, Gowans’s Reprint, New York, 1685, p. 64; Burrows Brothers Reprint. Cleveland, 1902, p. 67; Smith s N. J., 148. Oheloakhi. Indian deed, Nov. 28, 1701. See Wiequahila. Ohwsilopp, Indian Sachim, May 30, 1709. See Mahwtatatt. Okanickkon, 393. Indian deed, Oct. 10, 1677. See Ahtahkones. Okeyman, 639. Indian deed, June 16, 1703. See Awisham. Okonycan. See Alpoongan. Olamoeerinck. Indian deed, June 4, 1687. See Mecoppy. Olamonossecunk. Indian deed, June 4, 1687. See Mecoppy. Olomosecunck, 196. Indian deed, Dec. 16, 1689. See Hiphockanoway.…

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New Jersey Indians – S Surnames

Sacarois. Indian deed, 16th 9th mo., 1674. Apparently a contraction of Wassakorois, which see. Saccatorey, 559. Indian deed, Nov. 7, 1675. See Allowayes. Sackarois, Sackares, “Indian sachem and true owner of Mattitembe and several other parcels of land there unto adjacent.” Indian deed, December 10, 1674. Signed also with the mark of Sackarois son. An other deed, from same, same day, is also signed with the mark of Sackarois wife. No name is given to either wife or son. E, J. Deeds, Lib. No. i, p. 75, back. Sackatois. Mentioned in Indian deed, 23d 11th mo., 1676. (Same as Sackarois.)…

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New Jersey Indians – R Surnames

Raljolin, Ra Golen. Indian deed, Nov. 18, 1709. See Sherikham. Rapighcumen (in the text, but not a signer of the deed). Indian deed, 1714. See Papejeco. Rarawaken. Indian deed, Dec. 31, 1701. See Tapehou. Rawantagwaywoahg. Indian deed, Nov. 17, 1709. See Sherikham. Rawantaques (Rawantagwas). Indian deed, May 19, 1710. See Memerescum. Rawatones. Indian deed, July 15, 1679. See Coovang. Rawautaqwaywoahg. Indian deed, Nov. 18, 1709. See Sherikham. Rawtom, 73. Indian deed, Oct. 16, 1684. See Hayamakeno. Remmatap, “chief of the Indians,” i. Indian deed, Aug. 5, 1650. For lands, bays, creeks and rivers, called Kaonmoes, etc., on the south side…

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