The Universal Restoration Society of Chesterfield NH

The Universal Restoration Society is the corporate name of the Universalist society at West Chesterfield. This society was organized as early as 1798, or earlier. In June, 1818, fifty-five members of the society petitioned the legislature to be incorporated into a society, under the name that had already been adopted. The petition was granted, and an act was passed incorporating Oliver Baker, Stephen Streeter, Jonathan Cochran, with their associates and successors, into a society to be known as the Universal Restoration Society. Rev. Robert Bartlett, from Langdon, was their first pastor. Previous to their building, in 1830; the meeting-house now in use, the society held its -meetings forthe most part in private houses and school-houses, for the town would not vote them the use of the meeting-house at the Center Village, for any purpose whatever, till 1816, when they allowed them to hold a convention in it. January a, 1830, the town voted to allow the Universalists to use the meeting-house every alternate Sabbath, for one year. The same year, the house now occupied by them was built. The money for building it was .obtained mostly by the sale of pews. Several persons of the Baptist persuasion also bought pews, on condition that they be allowed the use of the time for worshiping in their own way. The present pastor is Rev. U. S. Williams. The society also has a flourishing Sabbath-school, with sixty-two members, Miss Mary A. Cobleigh is superintendent.


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