North Road Cemetery, Wilmot, Merrimack County, New Hampshire


  • Wm. Alexander 84 yrs. and wife Rebecca

  • Samuel Alexander


  • Julia Ann Barber

  • Jethro Barber, Jr., died August 30, 1819


  • Moses Barney and wife, Sarah F., and son Gilbert C.


  • Nancy E., daughter of Daird and Elizabeth Bean died 1825

  • Benaiah Bean, died June 14, 1856 age 59


  • Mabel (Clay) Bixby


  • Olive A. Brodgett


  • John Brown 1840


  • Edward Buzzell 83 yrs.


  • Sumner J. Clay 74 yrs. and wife Alvina A. Buzzell

  • Herbert S. Clay and wife, Elizabeth Kimball

  • Polly Wadleigh, wife of Shubell Clay 71 yrs.

  • Shubell Clay 76 yrs.

  • John Clay, 81 yrs. and wife Sarah Dearborn 2nd wife Phoebe Allen

  • James Clay and wives Mary Braley and Eunice Colby

  • Elizabeth D. daughter of Jonathan and Ruth Clay

  • Deacon Jonathan Clay 78 yrs. and wife Ruth 80 yrs.

  • Richard Clay 80 yrs. and wife Mary Jane Ford and Carrie Ida Clay, their daughter

  • David Clay 80 yrs. and wife Mary 69 yrs. Mary E. and David, Jr. and Sarah J. their children

  • Leonard Clay

  • John Clay 83 yrs. and wife Polly


  • John G. Currier and wife, Abiah E. Currier

  • Gilbert M., son of Barnard and Roxanna Currier 1826

  • Barnard Currier 1836 and wife Roxanna 1840

  • Morrill Currier 92 yrs. and wife Rachel

  • Lydia H. 2nd wife of Morrill Currier 75 yrs.

  • Andrew Jackson, son of Lieut. Morrill and Rachael Currier 1831

  • Deacon Wells Currier 79 yrs.

  • Hannah, wife of Wells Currier 84 yrs.

  • Polly, daughter of Wells and Hannah died 1819

  • Mehitable, wife of Moses Currier died 1851, 103 yrs. 9 mo. and 17 days old

  • Dean Wells Currier 70 yrs. and wife, Fanny B. 77 yrs.

  • Lydia Currier

  • Lieut. Moses Currier died 1819


  • Sullivan Dolbier 60 yrs. and wife Susan 76 yrs.


  • Israel Dow 83 yrs. and wife Abigail 74 yrs.

  • Israel Dow, Jr.


  • Infant son of Moses and Laura Eastman, died Feb. 23, 1836

  • Thomas B., son of Laura and Moses Eastman, died 1838

  • Benjamin F., son Moses and Laura Eastman, died 1838


  • Henry R. Flanders and wife, Ruth A. and daughter Abigail

  • Timothy Flanders 63 yrs. and wife Abigail 77 yrs.


  • Betsy, wife of Stephen Hobbs, died 1839

  • Cyrius Hobbs and wife Elvira


  • Samuel LaJoie and wife, Emma Forrest


  • Hannah B., wife of Hiram McMurphy


  • Stanley Navickey


  • Infant daughter of W. And A. A. Pearson


  • Hannah J., wife of Orin H. Perkins

  • Cynthai Ann, daughter of Wm. and Nancy Perkins

  • Nancy, wife of William Perkins 80 yrs.

  • William Perkins 87 yrs.

  • Daniel Perkins 60 yrs. (son of William) and wife Melinda 68 yrs.


  • Robert Reed


  • Benjamin F., son of Louis and Polly Sanborn died 1838

  • Olive W. wife of William P. Sanborn died 1852

  • Hannah (Clay) Sanborn


  • Warren Sargent


  • David Sevrens 71 yrs.

  • Hepitable, wife of David Severens, died 1819


  • Clara J. Cloughman wife of Samuel O. Waldron


  • Hannah, wife of Willard Walker 1869 age 69 years

  • Willard Walker 63 yrs. died 1861

  • Jason Walker and wife Sarah Langley

  • Byron Willard Walker

  • Jason Walker, died 1874


  • Byron Walter son of Horace and Rosetta Webster

  • Martha Perkins, daughter of Iddo and Sally Webster

  • Sarah A. daughter of Iddo and Sally Webster

  • Nancy C. Webster daughter of Iddo and Sally Webster

  • Iddo Webster 66 yrs. and first wife Nancy age 38 yrs. and died in 1828, his second wife Sally lived to be 75 yrs. By his first wife Nancy, he had eleven children and only one lived over one year

    • Zacheus C. (the first) died in 1811

    • Zacheus C. (the second) died in 1813, 9 days old

    • Nancy died in 1811, 3 days old

    • Ariel died in 1815, 14 days old

    • John no date of death, no age

    • Willard G. died in 1821, 9 days old

    • Philip died in 1822, 3 days old

    • Sally, Samuel and William, no date

    • Iddo 11 yrs. 2 mo. and 26 days died in 1829

  • By his second wife he had

    • Alonzo 4 weeks old died 1835

    • Lydia J. 2 yrs. died 1838


  • Earnest H., son of John and Martha Wells


  • Eddie Martin, son of Marvin H. and Nellie White

The original spelling of the names, as recorded on the stones, has not been changed.

We have record of 118 instances of burials in this cemetery.

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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