Biography of Silas Richardson

Silas Richardson, a descendant of John Richardson who came from England previous to 1636, was born in Medfield, Mass., 1748, married, in 1771, Sileme Daniels, of Medway, Mass. In 1776 he came to Chesterfield and settled on land one mile north of the Factory Village. The deed of his purchase under colonial government, still preserved, is dated in May, 1776. He was a soldier of the Revolution, and was called “Lieutenant” Richardson was one of the original trustees of the academy, selectman in 1788, ’93 an ’96, and died in 1803. His children were: Wilkes, born December, 1772 married Mehitabel Clark, resided in Chesterfield till 1808, when he remove to Champion, N. Y. He was selectman in 1804, ’05. Sarah, born September, 1779, married Calvin White, of Westmoreland. Orlo, son of Silas, m Tied Nancy, daughter of Benjamin Wild, who died April 4, 1872, aged near ninety years. He lived in Chesterfield all his life, was a justice of the peace and an active business man, was selectman in 1826, ’28, ’34 and ’35, representative in, 1828, ’29, and died May 27, 1852. His children were, John Milton, born November 25, 1807. Laura, born January 25, 1809, married Ebenezer Culver, of Barre, N. Y., and died March 28, 1861; Nancy, born September 20, 1810, died December 1, 1857; Edwin, born August 2 1812, married Sarah B. Wheeler, of Westmoreland, was a manufacturer scythes in Fitchburg, Mass., the most of his life; Sarah Wild, born August 11, 1814, married Col. Charles Butterfield, of Westmoreland, who was graduate of Kimball Union academy, and a prominent teacher; Silas D., born December 20, 1816, married Lura M. Choate, in Orland, Ind., has been practicing physician in Indiana, Michigan, and Iowa, and resides in Chicago. Diana, born January 1, 1819, married George F., son of Wilder Harris, Chesterfield, and died September 14, 1871, at St. Albans, Vt.; Julia born September 16, 1821, married J. W. H. Baker, M. D., son of Dr. Oliver Baker, of Chesterfield; and Lucretia Adeline, born October 4, 1824, died October 8, 1828. John Milton, son of Orlo, married May 31, 1832 Bathsheba D. Hemenway, of Framingham, Mass. Previous to 1847 he lived fifteen years in Fitchburg and Leominster, Mass. Since then he has lived in Chesterfield, has done considerable business as justice of the peace was selectman in 1851, ’56 and ’57, representative in 1861, and ’62, has always been interested in all things that tend to advance the best interest of society, is a firm and consistent friend and advocate of the temperance cause, and all that tends to awaken the minds of the young to a higher standard of educational advancement, also a kind and consistent friend and neighbor. An adopted son, John Milo Richardson, born in 1843, married La Maria, daughter of J. W. H. Baker. She resided in Chesterfield some time and has been a teacher in Davenport, Iowa, for several years. He died in South Albans, Vt., of consumption, October 31, 1871, and was buried in Chesterfield. Their daughter, Julia B., was born in Chesterfield, December 3, 1871.



Hurd, Duane Hamilton. History of Cheshire and Sullivan counties, New Hampshire. Philadelphia: J. W. Lewis. 1886.

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