Biography of Charles H. Morrill

Charles H. Morrill, a prosperous farmer and lumber manufacturer of Pittsfield, was born in this town, January 14, 1829, son of Jacob and Mary (Hoyt) Morrill. His paternal great-grandfather, who was a native of Salisbury, Mass., settled in Brentwood, N.H., and resided upon a farm in that town for the rest of his life. His grandparents, Jonathan and Betsey (Gordon) Morrill, were natives of Brentwood. Jonathan Morrill was for many years engaged in agricultural pursuits in his native town, and his last days were spent in Pittsfield. He lived to be sixty-nine years old, and his wife died at sixty-seven. They were the parents of five children-Amos, Betsey, Hannah G., Jacob, and Louise -none of whom are living.

Jacob Morrill, Charles H. Morrill’s father, was born in Brentwood in 1802. At an early age he adopted agriculture as an occupation. When twenty-two years old he went to Northwood, N.H., where he resided for some time. In 1828 he bought a farm of sixty-five acres located in Pittsfield, and cultivated it for the rest of his active period. His wife, Mary, who was a native of Northwood, became the mother of four children, of whom Charles H., Hezekiah B., and John C. are living. Hezekiah married Abigail Saunders, of Strafford, N.H.; and his children are: Clarence and Abbie L. John C. married Mary J. Kensington, a native of Maine. Jacob Morrill lived to be eighty-nine years old, and his wife died at the age of forty-nine. They were members of the Free Will Baptist church.

Charles H. Morrill acquired his education in the schools of Pittsfield. While still young he began to assist in carrying on the homestead farm. He later engaged in agricultural pursuits upon his own account, and now owns a farm of one hundred and twenty-five acres. He also operates a saw-mill, where he makes shingles, etc., on a large scale.

On March 20, 1861, Mr. Morrill married Ruth E. Edgerly. She is a daughter of Ezekiel and Deborah M. (Chesley) Edgerly, the former of whom was a native of Barnstead, and the latter was born in Gilmanton, N.H. Ezekiel Edgerly followed the trade of a tanner in early life, and his last years were spent in general farming. He died at the age of eighty, and his wife lived to the age of ninety-two years. They reared a family of four children, of whom Ruth E. is the only survivor. Mrs. Morrill’s parents attended the Free Will Baptist church. Mr. and Mrs. Morrill have three sons living-Edward S., Charles C., and Francis M. Edward S., born March 16, 1870, married Lulu Heath, of Epsom, N.H.; Charles C. was born January 1, 1871; and Francis M., October 6, 1873. In politics Mr. Morrill supports the Republican party. He is a practical and successful farmer. Both he and Mrs. Morrill attend the Free Will Baptist church.



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