Biographical Sketch of William Randall

William Randall came to Chesterfield from Cranston, R. I., about 1780. His children were Eleazer, Anthony, Benajah, and Esther. Eleazer married Martha Staples, and settled in Chesterfield on land given him by his father. His children were Roxana, Prusha, Diana, Nathan, and Eleazer. The latter, born August 4, 1796, married Clarissa, daughter of Benjamin Wheeler, in 1815. He resided marfy years in this town, on the farm on which his fatherin-law had settled, now owned by William L. Clegg. He died in Westmoreland, June 17, 1860. He had born to him eight children, namely: Diana, Roxana, Eleazer, Sarah Harris, Shubel Hastings, Martha Staples. Abigail Rockwood, and George. Eleazer, son of Eleazer, and grandson of Eleazer, Sr., was born February 27, 1820, and married Elvira, daughter of William and Sally (Little) Rnmrill, of Hillsboro, October 18, 1846. Having learned the carpenter trade when a young man, he afterwards engaged pretty extensively in the construction of railway and other buildings in Canada and in the United States. He had born to him two children, Oran Edmund and Frederick RumrilL The former, born in Manchester, December, 28, 1847, married Maria N., daughter of Moses N. Smith, April 13, 1871. She is the author of the admirable “History of Chesterfield,” published in 1882. Frederick R., born in Chesterfield, January 29, 1854, married Alice C., daughter of John A. and Fannie E. (Barrows) Kathan, of Westmoreland.



Hurd, Duane Hamilton. History of Cheshire and Sullivan counties, New Hampshire. Philadelphia: J. W. Lewis. 1886.

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