Biographical Sketch of Waitstill Scott

Waitstill Scott was in Westmoreland at the time of the Revolution, and commanded the company that marched from that town on the occasion of the alarm at Ticonderoga. He probably came to Chesterfield between 1815 and 1818. His children were Eunice, Lydia, Waitstill, Rufus, Rhodolphus, Lucy, Lyman, Chester, and Justus. Rhodolphus, born January 7, 1780, married twice, first, Lydia Haven, and second, Mrs. Diantha Hopkins. He had born to him eight children, as follows: Noyes, born October 7, 1803; Horace; Alonzo, born in 1807; Cordelia, born August 9, 1; Rhodolphus, died in infancy; Otis H., born May 14, 1826; Romanzo J., born July 9, 1841, married Sarah M., daughter of Benjamin B. Faulkner, May 15, 1870, and is a mechanic in Chesterfield; and George D., born August 20, 1842. Horace, son of Rhodolphus, married twice, first, Miranda Herrick, and second, Jane Marmeir, of Westmoreland, and had born to him eight children, Persis M., who married Alonzo Wilson, Horace P., James W., Cordelia L., Sarah A., Elizabeth A., Marcia A. and George F. Horace P., born January 18, 1830, married Syrena, daughter of Ebenezer Perry, of Keene, July 4, 1852. James W., son of Horace, and brother of Horace P., was born September 18, 1834, and married Mrs. Lydia (Perry) Field. Otis H., son of Rhodolphus, married Maria N., daughter of Jonathan Hill, of Swanzey, November 13. 1848. He has had born to him eight children, as follows: Stella M., born June 6, 1850; Frank 0., born September 14, 1852; Letta G., born February 12, 1857; Herbert W., born January 18, 1859; Mary E., born January 28, 1864; Alice G., born October 20, 1865; Emma A., born November 3, 1867; and Nora C., born September 16, 1869.



Hurd, Duane Hamilton. History of Cheshire and Sullivan counties, New Hampshire. Philadelphia: J. W. Lewis. 1886.

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