Washington Land Patents – Skokmish Tribe

Washington Land Patents – Skokmish Tribe

Patentee NameDateDoc. #Accession #
FRINK, JEANETTE01/24/1910104786-09106112
HAITWAS, ANNIE WILBUR06/03/190919930-0965487
HAITWAS, ELSIE WILBUR06/03/190919930-0965490
HAITWAS, ETHEL WILBUR06/03/190919930-0965489
HAITWAS, JAMES WILBUR06/03/190919930-0965486
HAITWAS, LIZZIE WILBUR06/03/190919930-0965491
HAITWAS, MAMIE WILBUR06/03/190919930-0965488
HAITWAS, MINNIE WILBUR06/03/190919930-0965492
HANSON, ELLEN M01/24/1910104786-09106112
MCKAY, ADA01/21/1909194449-0841871

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