Warm Springs Indian Tribe Photo Descriptions

The Warm Springs Indians, so named from their location about the thermal springs in Northern Oregon, are related to the Walla Walla, and number 187, on a reservation of some 725 square miles, on which are also some 300 Wasco and Tenino. The combined tribes cultivate about 800 acres of the land. They are very well off in live stock and derive some of their income by lumbering. All wear citizen’s dress, many have good comfortable houses, and support two schools, with an attendance of about 50 scholars. They assisted in the operations against the Modoc in 1872, raising a company of scouts for that purpose, who rendered good service.

List of illustrations.

1058. Cappolas. A Boney Man.
Took a prominent part in the Modoc war, and distinguished himself by the capture of Captain Jack in the lava-beds. Height, 5.5½; circumference of head, 22¾.

1061. Shaka. Little Beaver.
A sergeant in the company that captured Captain Jack. Height, 5.8; circumference of head, 22 5/8.

1056. Ske-Metze. Chopped up.
Familiarly known as “Billy.” Height, 5.4½; circumference of head, 22 7/8.

1054. Ke-Hey-A-Kin. Crooked Stick.
Height, 5.6½; circumference of head, 21¾.

1063. Histo. Clam Fish.
Height, 5.7,  circumference of head, 22 7/8.

1059. Wey-A-Tat-Han. Owl.
The married man of the party, his wife accompanying him on his travels. Was wounded in the lava-beds, and with five others were the scouts who first discovered Captain Jack’s hiding-place in the cave.

1064. Chin-Chin-Wet. Alone.
Wife of Weyatathan. A very comely and intelligent Indian woman, of whom but very few are found among the far western tribes. Height, 4.11½; circumference of head, 21½.

1057. Semeo, or Umatilla Jim.

Warm Springs,

Source: Descriptive Catalogue, Photographs Of North American Indians . United States Geological Survey of the Territories, 1877 by W. H. Jackson, Photographer of the Survey, F. V. Hayden, U. S. Geologist.

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