Enlarged Map of Little Turtle's Country

The Home of Little Turtle

The Ke-na-po-co-mo-co: Many people never heard of this word before. Few can pronounce it after they hear it. Fewer still can spell it. Even this form of the word is not quite so difficult as the original, which was Kenapekwamakwah. But to simplify it in spelling and pronunciation the above form, Ke-na-po-co-mo-co, is used with accents on the first, third and fifth syllables. But what does the word mean? It is the Miami Indian word for snakefish, and is translated into English as Eel, or snake-like fish. This name was given to that important tributary of the Wabash River, because in early days its water abounded with eels. So Eel River, the Kenapocomoco. Would it not have been a bit more poetical and musical had. we kept the more beautiful Indian name as we have done with Mississinewa, Salamonie, Tippecanoe and others.

The Home of Little Turtle

Winger, Otho. The KE NA PO MO CO, Eel River, The home of Little Turtle. Self Published. 1934.

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